Unhappy with the Wellsville state report card “D”

To the editor:

I had the pleasure of seeing the new Wellsville football/track facility recently. It is a special place and worth the trip to see. I also recently saw in the newspaper the lousy report card the school district received. Not good.

Then I read today (Sept 17) the lip service the taxpayers are getting about the report card. Sounds like one of the students who comes home and a parent challenges the student about a “D” for the second time in a row and he/she says “but this one was a good D”. No–nonsense is what that is.

I believe $1 million-plus sure could have been spent to benefit more kids than it will at Nicholson Stadium. Preparing them for the future is the school’s job. “D” says the school is not doing that job well enough. $1 million-plus would and could have got you there. Hope your next decisions have more forethought. Taxpayers are watching.




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