Frenzy over failure regarding gun control

To the editor:

The current frenzy among members of the press, congressmen and other progressives to enact legislation for more gun control will result in hundreds of more pages of regulations which purport to prevent multiple slayings such have occurred recently. Their efforts will only end in failure. Perhaps the reason these mass murderers have carried out their heinous crimes is simply that they are unable to understand the present laws governing the use of firearms.

Some believe enacting a “Red Flag Law” would prevent this slaughter. It may stop a few but it introduces a potential of false charges being made against a legitimate, law abiding gun owner. Get angry because the neighbor’s dogs bark too loudly; report him as a menace by using his weapons in a threatening manner.

Presently gun advocates claim 20,000 laws already on the books; opponents deny this. Let’s say even one half (10,000) is the correct number. These laws have not stopped murder. Therefore, I propose that Congress enact a simple regulation which everyone can understand. The law would read as follows:

A law to control the use of firearms,­ Schumer’s Law, enacted by a bipartisan vote of the Congress of the United States of America:

“You shall NOT murder another human being.”

However, because Congress will need to embellish the law it should contain some additional verbiage, viz., taking a life is a most serious offense and all the following are strictly forbidden to use in taking such life:

1) Firearms, handguns, assault rifles, muskets and bows and arrows

2) Knives, swords, hatchets, machetes, other cutting devices and hammers

3) Strangulation and suffocation

4) Poisoning (whether purchased or concocted)

5) Any other method which results in the death of even one human being

Nothing in this law is meant to regulate the taking of a life of a fetus, either in utero or post-birth of such fetus. (This is added to reassure pro-choice advocates that they can continue to “eradicate” the innocent but unwanted.)

Should you expect that enactment of this law will stop mass murders? The religious among you will recognize that God already gave this law to Moses. Apparently, there are persons who refuse to obey such a law even if it comes from the hands of the Creator.

Is it then possible they might dare to disobey a law of Congress? Sadly, there are persons among us who are so possessed of an evil heart they will not obey. We can only hope law enforcement will stop them before they carry out their diabolical plans. Another way, perhaps, would be to make sure their targets are prepared to defend themselves before a massacre takes place.

Ask yourselves, if an individual plans mass murder for whatever madness afflicts his mind will more laws stop such an evil one?

Linda Wickstrom

Newell, W.Va.


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