Vets picnic event should have been rescheduled

Vets picnic event should have been rescheduled

To the editor:

It is the proper decision to cancel the veteran’s picnic event due to unsafe weather conditions for Saturday, July 20, but once again, vets as myself, Vietnam era and vets from any era get pushed to back burner by not rescheduling the event for another weekend. Now we must wait until 2020. It’s a good thing those who serve don’t put serving off until it’s the perfect time and weather. Vets deserve better treatment than to wait another year. Many vets might not be here in 2020. To those who hold this event are to be thanked for doing so, but better thought should have gone into cancelling altogether.

May God continue to bless all vets for serving and bless the USA.

Charles Sayre,

East Liverpool


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