A public thanks for neighbors and friends

To the editor:

In the winter when the snow is deep and my driveway is blocked, my neighbor Dale Call doesn’t hesitate to clear it.

Just recently, while trying to get my lawn mower to work, Dale and his wife, Stacie, not only came to fix the mower, but also brought their mower. While Dale was fixing my mower, Stacie was using theirs to mow my lawn — and it is pretty large.

I hesitate to call them for help because they both are employed and busy. But they chastise me and keep reminding they are here to help me– and others.

It has been wonderful having them as neighbors for many years. I look forward to our continued friendship. Hopefully other people who elderly or have disabilities have neighbors who treat them as kindly as Dale and Stacie treat me. The world has to be a much better, healthier and happier place when this occurs.

Again, a very appreciative thank you to Dale and Stacie and to all other people who choose to live their lives with this attitude and in this manner, giving of their time and workmanship to help neighbors, friends or relatives when it is needed.

Lucille Huston,



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