Offers solution to fix West Virginia Schools

To the editor:

Schools, what are we going to do with these West Virginia Schools today?

First and foremost, charter schools are not the answer. School improvement will not happen without a spirt of innovation. Blaming teachers’ unions has no basis.

Many say it’s a shame some students cannot read when graduating from high school. That sounds unbelievable when one thinks about it.

It’s not low I.Q. because many elite are in the category. They know words and can identify them. But they don’t comprehend what they read. Now maybe one can understand what one may mean when associating high school students can’t read upon graduation.

Many elite educated conservatives publicly denounce socialism while collecting S.S. and Medicare. Where did they graduate from?

Serious yes, sattire a must, having a little fun with what to do with our schools.

There is a a paradox being floated in the media and the legislature that charter schools which are permitted to operate without having to comply with the dizzying variety of restrictions that apply to public schools are the answer, than one must assume that large consolidated schools have been the gorilla in the room.

Consolidated schools are what failed the system. Charter schools are a return to smaller schools, smaller rooms like we had in the past. All of a sudden it’s like a new discovery. Let’s try small charter advantage, no rules.

How to solve under achievement in the class room.

Go to the union; no tenure the first 10 years. Teachers must produce results in education or walk. The trade off, double their salaries. Where to get the money? Have the governor and his cronies pay their taxes on time. Problem solved and the elite learn to read out of high school. In five years and West Virginia will produce the best teachers and students in the country.

Steve Kopa,

Weirton, W.Va.