Little Lena Christine and letting babies live

To the editor:

My wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to spend the winter in a warmer climate. The day after we got back to East Liverpool we went to see our great granddaughter. Little Lena Christine was one day old. She had ten toes and ten fingers, knew when she was hungry or needed a diaper changed. She knew her mommy and loved to be held close by those who love her. If you are or have been fortunate enough to be near a newborn baby you know the joy they bring to a family.

Don’t allow a politician, a friend, or even a law some state enacted fool you into thinking an unborn baby isn’t a human being that deserves to live like any other human being. If you find yourself pregnant and are thinking about an abortion, before you do consider that beautiful baby you are carrying. It deserves to live, grow old, and possibly have a family of his or her own. And guess what? Someday you may even be blessed and be able to hold your own little Lena Christine and feel the love for her or him pour over your heart and soul. Let your baby live. Only good will come from that decision.

Pastor Al Talkington,

East Liverpool