Words of praise for East Liverpool City Hospital

To the editor:

My husband recently spent 12 days in the care of East Liverpool City Hospital. He had been in declining health and sadly passed away while hospitalized. In the past decade or more, he had been hospitalized in several far more prestigious hospitals.

The care that he received in our own community hospital was every bit as good as in the other facilities, if not better. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the aides, to cafeteria workers and cleaning staff, he was treated with kindness and consideration. The nursing staff and aides were especially warm and caring. They went out their way to make sure that the patient, as well as his family members, were comfortable.

I am writing this letter because I so often hear disparaging remarks about East Liverpool City Hospital and find these comments unwarranted and very unfair. While we are fortunate to live close to many of the finest medical facilities in the United States, in both Pittsburgh and Cleveland, we are also very fortunate to have our local hospital. The medical staff at ELCH is qualified to serve many medical needs and serve them well.

Proof of this should be the recent recognition of East Liverpool City Hospital as one of the Watson IBM Top 100 Hospitals for the second year in a row. We should be proud of ELCH and be grateful that it is here in our own hometown.

Betsy Wells,

East Liverpool