Vote ‘yes’ for police levy

Dear Editor:

In lieu of the recent tragedy in nearby Pittsburgh with 11 people being murdered and six being wounded, including 4 police officers, it is critical that all the citizens in St. Clair Township rally behind the police levy and vote “yes.”

The brave officers in Pittsburgh were well trained and thank God had great equipment when they confronted the shooter. We must assure our local officers are afforded the same updated training and the most modern equipment so they can not only continue to protect us in the manner we are accustomed to but so they can go home after every stressful shift to their love ones.

Horrific crimes of this nature were previously seen in other areas but now we know it can happen to any of us at any time and anywhere. Because it occurred close to home it readily gained our attention.

Let’s be proactive in St. Clair Township rather then reactive and provide our officers with what they need and deserve. I sincerely ask that you vote “yes” for the police levy.

Paul Anthony

East Liverpool