Unkempt cemetery


This letter is written because I am so upset at the condition of Columbiana County Memorial Park.

My mother has been buried there since 1982. In all that time I have never seen the section she is in in the condition it currently is which is absolutely deplorable.

Last summer I took a weed eater and lawn tools and dug around her stone where grass was growing over it and cleaned it the best I could but it must not have helped much.

Two weeks ago I went to put flowers on her grave and could not find it because the grass was nearly knee high and the stones were completely covered with weeds and dead grass. The only way to see the stones was to bend down and uncover them but due to recent surgery and a bad back I could not bend long to check them as her section has most of the stones covered.

I went to the office to inquire why such conditions and the lady told me they don’t edge anymore (and haven’t for many years) and I should contact the superintendent. I placed a call to him and had to leave a message which to this date has never been returned.

I have other friends in the cross section which I hope is in better condition.

This week I went back thinking the grass would be cut but it was not quite as high with some of it looking like it was just mashed down and still couldn’t find my mother’s grave.

I feel this is a disgrace to our loved ones and their families. Apparently the sections bordering the roads are well groomed for appearances sake. If it’s this bad now what’s it going to be like with another growing season in the spring?

I realize it is such a big area to take care of but they should have the proper equipment and crews to keep the cemetery groomed so that families can pay respect to our loved ones without having to uncover stones to find their graves.

Luellen Bozek