Vote to change direction

Dear Editor:

Whether you’re for the smoking ban or against it, whether you agree with the animal shelter takeover or not, for one second, let’s forget about those things and look at the two candidates currently running for Hancock County commissioner.

The current commissioner has 18 years experience and says he will continue to do things as he has done in the past. He has publicly stated that as long as he is commissioner, the shelter will stay as is, and he has finally found someone to appoint to the health board who will vote the way he wants them to.

Are you seeing a theme here? Things the way he wants them?

This commissioner sat at the meeting where thousands and thousands of signatures were presented on a petition related to the animal shelter issue. Ultimately, the petition was filed away with no further action taken. He has also been present when citizens have spoken about various concerns; their speaking time was limited by the commission, and those same citizens were subject to berating by each of the commissioners at the end of the meeting. The citizens were unable to reply, because this was not part of the public comment part of the meeting.

Those are the things that stick out in my mind. He isn’t interested in new ideas or anyone’s opinion, unless you agree with him.

Alternatively, the new candidate admits he has never run for office. He is fresh, with new ideas, openly stating he agrees with an exemption for the smoking ban, and he welcomes the public to attend meetings, even considering changing times of the meetings to encourage public attendance. He is someone looking from the outside in, considering promoting our educational system as a way to proactively keep our youth in the area by providing training for jobs that are available here, helping them to develop self-respect and maybe staying away from drugs.

Someone who welcomes public input and is trying to be proactive? There’s something new.

Experience can be a good thing, but it can also be detrimental when used for the wrong reasons, the current car wash issue a prime example. Maybe someone in office that long starts to take public criticism personally and bases decisions on those feelings.

Seventy-two and half percent voted for a levy based on past operations. Your voices have fallen on deaf ears. Those same people now need to vote to change our county — not just for the animal shelter issue, not just for the smoking ban, but for any organization, board, or citizen to have a voice in the future of our county.

Don’t we want those who care about the issues helping to guide decisions made?

Are we being treated fairly and with respect?

Don’t you, as a citizen want to be heard?

Your vote to change direction and elect a new commissioner will give new life to Hancock County and a voice back to the people.

Carolyn A. McIntyre

New Cumberland, W.Va.


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