Successful Olde Guard

Dear Editor:

I had planned to write a “thank you letter” to all the people who made the 24th Olde Guard Luncheon such a success, but after reading the “spanks” (in Friday’s opinion page of The Review) that has all been ruined.

I want to apologize to the East Liverpool High School band members that took a portion of their lunch break, from an all day practice, to raise the spirits of so many people.

The phrase I kept hearing was, “hearing the band play the fight song always brings tears to my eyes.”

I would also like to thank the coach and members of the football team for the courteous way they did the valet parking. Go Potters!

Anyone attending the luncheon could tell “Potter Pride” is still alive.

A special thank you to the groundskeepers and janitorial staff at the high school. Everything looked great.

The alumni enjoyed another delicious meal from Bricker’s. Thanks for a job well done.

I would also like to thank all the volunteers and Olde Guard members for making the luncheon so special.

Nancy Hanselman

East Liverpool


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