Thanks Trump, Gorsuch

Dear Editor:

The recent US Supreme Court decision allowing Ohio to curtail its voter rolls is a step in the right direction. The gist of this decision is that those who’ve moved from one address to another without verification or have not voted in three two-year election cycles will have their names removed from voter rolls. Such prospective voters are notified beforehand with a card from the state questioning their current status. Is asking one to verify his address to validate his inviolable right to vote, as some claim, an unacceptable infringement?

Leftist-progressives immediately called foul. Like a horde of dung beetles swarming toward a fresh dropping they predictably dragged in their hackneyed arguments, protesting that poor and low-income families would be deprived from voting, while doing nothing about large Democrat voter participation via undocumented illegal immigrants. Come out and vote whether you’re duly registered or not. Come out and vote, one and all, while we look the other way. Hip hip hooray. That’s the only way the leftists can win and they know it. An honest election means nothing to these frauds.

As admirably and courageously as the justices have acted, more is needed. Voter ID is a must. Ah, but some minority group will not have an ID the progressives lament. ID for tobacco products, no problem. ID for liquor purchases, no problem. ID to enjoy a casino night out, no problem. But an ID in order to vote, how can you expect someone to have an ID for that? Only rich, white, protestant Republicans will have such an ID. What utterly shameful discrimination.

Truth is progressives would love to have all and sundry residing in any nation in the world vote in our presidential elections (look it up, liberal, the bedwetters and snowflakes were clamoring for such latitude when Obama was running and are still doing so today). America, its borders and its laws mean nothing to “citizens of the world.”

Thankfully the Supreme Court has put the brakes on the Democrats’ plan. If you love the US we have grown with in the past, stay vigilant. Bad guys will always try again.

Thank you, Donald Trump and thank you, Neil Gorsuch.

Gale Wickstrom



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