Do what’s best for country

Dear Editor:

Let me begin by stating that Donald Trump was not my original choice during the 2016 presidential contest. However, he managed to defeat Dr. Carson and to win that election, but before he could be sworn in, “the resistance” began. This is supported by democrats like Chuck Schumer and billionaires such as Tom Steyer and George Soros whose aim is to destroy this presidency and remake the USA in their image.

Despite millions of dollars spent, the Mueller investigation has so far not found any collusion between Trump and the Russians. Why then do we have a seemingly endless investigation by a special prosecutor? Why did he release indictments of 12 Russian spies? He must be well aware that since they are “presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law,” and being that there is no possibility of having such a trial, releasing this information on the eve of a summit meeting between Trump and Putin could only serve to damage relations between the USA and Russia.

Friends, Russia and the US have had spies conducting such meddling for years. Retaliation for attacks by one side are essentially handled by spy organizations themselves. It may have been news to us that “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear” were reading Hillary’s email as well as that of the DNC. Who was it that left such information unprotected? Is it possible that the “smartest woman in the world” was so naive? Were those with private servers unaware that hackers existed? Since it was well known that hackers were looking for any opportunity to cause mischief is there no culpability on the part of the Clinton campaign?

Certainly none of us want our elections determined by a foreign power. We don’t want voting by the deceased; nor foreigners who are not citizens; nor persons voting in more than one polling place; nor those ineligible for any other reason; nor votes of 110 percent of eligible voters voting in a given precinct.

According to President Obama, no votes were changed in the past and could not be changed in the 2016 election. Why then are the media and politicians so hysterical? It merely serves as another opportunity to strike a blow at President Trump. These people are playing a dangerous game: Our country is facing a crisis caused by the “resistance” and not by any Russian meddling as they pretend.

If you try to undermine our president, you are undermining the welfare of our country. Let Schumer, who has spent 19 years as a senator, cooperate in a bipartisan effort to keep our system of government the envy of the nations of the world and stop this unhealthy “never Trump” nonsense.

We don’t always get our choice for president, but the American system of government requires all of us to put aside political differences to do what’s best for our country. You only have to look at the bloodiest war in American history (over 600,000 dead) to know the consequences when we don’t.

Linda Wickstrom