Does anyone care?

Dear Editor:

I have hesitated to write this, but then I would be as much at fault as what I saw this Memorial Day in my annual visit to East Liverpool’s parade if I didn’t say anything.

I always stand on the north corner of 6th and Jackson on this day to honor those who paid the ultimate price to protect our country and to “thank those who march.”

My issue is with the city officials, and wonder if they just go through the motions of putting on this parade, or do they really not care in making it right?

1. Just two minutes before the parade came around the corner, traffic was going east and west on 6th Street. There were people sitting and waiting, and children sitting on the curb, getting the best position for candy being tossed to them I suppose.

2. Then the issue of parked vehicles on 6th Street just where the parade turns to go east in view of spectators and city hall, who would tell the crowd who was marching and who were participating in the parade. I wonder if there could have been someone who may have corrected the issue of parked vehicles prior to the start?

3. The thing that also upset me was the presentation of our flag during and prior to the parade, both in front of city hall and on the diamond. On this day, we are supposed to honor those who paid the “ultimate price” by displaying our flag at half-staff, then at noon she is to be raised to full-staff for the rest of the time, which now honors those who serve and have served in the military. Here again, I say someone failed to make this occasion a better, safer, and more respectful occasion!

Paul Hill

East Liverpool