Not her business

Dear Editor:

I have a suggestion for the short, stocky white-haired woman who seemed to delight in yelling at me while telling me what to do during a crowding situation in the checkout lines at Walmart in Calcutta on the morning of May 23 around 8 a.m. ….

She needs to get a grip on herself.

She was just a customer like me. She had no right to yell as I didn’t give her a reason and she had no business interjecting herself into the event as nobody requested her assistance and didn’t need it, either.

A tip for how she can make other future shopping experiences better: keep her comments to herself; quit bothering other people; and quit trying to get situations ironed out that are none of her business.

Also, she needs to try to control her tendency to yell when the situation doesn’t call for it. She’s not being helpful; she’s not being important; and furthermore she’s no entertainer.

Nobody needed her help. She was just getting in the way by making a nuisance of herself.

Gary F. Chaney

Newell, W.Va.


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