Gimme the Tweets

Dear Editor:

Tweets or twaddle, which do you prefer?

Donald Trump tweets, some of his predecessors twaddled. Many, however, have mistaken twaddle for profound speech, especially coming from a holder of the Oval Office. Many offenders come to mind, but for the sake of brevity, it’s not necessary to look beyond George W. Bush.

Bush Jr. groaned while attempting to convey his message. His words were parched, coming as they did from a downward-cornered mouth, lending the impression the man was constipated. He cannot be criticized too much for this as he’d inherited this trait from his father. Two constipated former presidents, at least as manifested by their physiognomies, but comparatively speaking, not too much twaddle from either of them.

If any president twaddled that person is Barack Obama, and for this, he richly deserves to be lampooned. For his legions of followers, each utterance shed from that mouth, broadcast in a resonant tone but delivered with an unctuous air, became a profundity, a pearl of wisdom.

Obama’s persuasive manner of captivating an audience may be compared with that of William Jennings Bryan, the noted orator and politician of the early 20th century, of whom it was once said, “one could drive a prairie schooner through his arguments without scraping against a single fact.”

What Obama similarly said made no difference to his adherents — his pontifications only reinforced doctrinaire statist views held by enthralled women, college students, professors, media talking heads and sundry dogmatic leftists.

“You can keep your doctor,” Obama declared. How about the promise he made to Bart Stupak, an erstwhile congressman from Michigan, in order to secure his vote in what would become the Affordable Care Act? “There’ll be no provision for abortion,” he assured Stupak. (What’ve you got to say now, Bart?) A lot of empty promises delivered in his oleaginous voice, or just plain twaddle. On and on he preached, causing women to weep and leftist-progressives to swoon.

How about Trump? Here’s a man who tweets. Much to the chagrin of a biased media Trump rightfully disdains, he shoots from the hip to his ontologically impoverished base of supporters, impoverished at least according to Hillary Clinton. I’ll politely refrain from criticizing the Dem’s broad base of “gimme this, gimme that” dependents.

Yet the tweets are working for the deplorables. They hear it straight. Enough of the canned hogwash, the tiresome platitudes we’ve heard from Trump’s predecessors, especially Barack Obama.

Gimme the tweets.

Gail Wickstrom



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