No return call

Dear Editor:

As this is an election year, we will be asked by the candidates to vote for them. I believe one of the first responsibilities of an elected official is to respond to the calls or letters of their constituents.

I have phoned Sen. Ryan Ferns’ offices a minimum of nine times (Feb. 28, March 2, 14, 19, 23 (twice), 24, 27 and 30). With each phone call, I requested that Sen. Ferns return my phone calls as I wished to speak to him personally.

As of this writing, I have yet to receive a phone call from Sen. Ferns.

In sharing this situation with several local citizens of First Senatorial District, I have learned there are many others who have experienced the same results. I would suspect that there are more of Sen. Ferns’ constituents who also have not received a return phone call.

Mr. Ferns will be asking the citizens of the First Senatorial District to vote for him during this year’s election. Please consider this: If you ever request that he return your call … Good luck!

Steve Svokas