In support

Dear Editor:

Judge Ashley Pike has an excellent record of service, integrity and knowledge of the law in Columbiana County. His dedication to the people of Columbiana County is documented by the many cases, sentences and order in our court systems, both Common Pleas and Juvenile.

As a retired educator, I remember his assistance with a student who did not have good parental guidance. Judge Pike immediately offered his assistance when I asked for advice.

Judge Pike’s expertise has frequently been recognized outside the political boundaries of Columbiana County. He was appointed to the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Grievances and Discipline. He also served as chair of the Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism and as a member of the court’s Commission on Continuing Legal Education.

Judge Ashley Pike’s record as a Common Pleas Judge is stellar. I will proudly vote for him in May and November.

Marilyn Parkes



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