School security

Dear Editor:

A plethora of issues are being played out with bumper sticker venues that encourages willful ignorance and intellectual dishonesty. Two of these “bumper stickers” are of national concern while the third is a local issue.

The first national bumper sticker is “gun control.” It’s the lazy mans heartstrings pulling, use the children, and involve big government agenda that erodes guaranteed rights. There ain’t nothin’ easier than convincing a bunch of bureaucrats to start confiscating private property, outlawing its possession, and making an outlaw of a law-abiding American citizen.

The second national bumper sticker is “mental health.” Now you’re dealing with a living breathing force of nature that doesn’t need to be physically handled to create mischief like a firearm. The complicated issue of mental health will, like a can, get kicked down the road.

The third bumper sticker is “school security” and it can be readily handled locally. Within an hour, school security can be establish and well organized by the end of the week. However, the gun control mob will fight desperately against any security that doesn’t involve conflicting, expensive, and unsustainable government meddling.

William E. Eardley

East Liverpool