Prompt response

Dear Editor:

Recently I received a call from a lifelong friend that was also now living in St. Clair Township and the friend explained their concerns, which, as a former police officer, I realized could be a problem not only for them but the public in general.

It was not an emergency, but something that was of a concerning nature.

At the time I received the call, I was in the area of township Trustee Jim Sabatini’s shoe store and stopped in and explained the nature of the concerns to Jim who promptly contacted police Chief Brian McKenzie.

The next day I was again contacted by my friend who thanked me for my assistance and continued that shortly after speaking with me they were contacted by the police department and their concerns were being addressed.

I want to thank Jim Sabatini and Chief McKenzie and his department for alleviating the concerns of a citizen who had the courage to step forward.

Paul Anthony



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