Standing up

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to the East Liverpool seniors who chose to recite the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation service. Even if they had preferred to hear it sung, they showed themselves to be wise and dedicated as well as open-minded.

The Board of Education must have had some reason for taking the music from the program. Did the organization threaten a lawsuit or other harm? Still, listening to a “freedom from religion” group does not seem the way to go. The constitution grants us the “freedom of religion” instead of “from.”

Perhaps it would have been a good idea for the board to consult with the students before arbitrarily advising the choir director to choose inspirational music. Perhaps they could have learned the students preferred to include the prayer.

According to the information in The Review, the class creed is “We stand up for what we believe in.” Again, congratulations to those who were willing to risk being chastised for their actions, and for doing just that – standing up for what they believe in.

Lucille Huston