This month’s spotlight highlights Precision Machining and Manufacturing (PMM)

Exemplary welding student Blaine Havens of Beaver Local High School

The ongoing pandemic has impacted the way schools in the county proceed with their normal daily activities. This means that it is uncertain when schools will be able to welcome visitors back into their buildings. We have partnered with The Columbiana County Career and Technical Center to showcase the career and technical programs that they offer so that incoming juniors can make an informed decision in the circumstance that the school is unable to host upcoming visitations in person. Programs will be spotlighted each month of the school year. Students who are interested in enrolling in a program for the 2021-22 school year are invited to do so by visiting the CCCTC’s webpage (https://www.ccctc.k12.oh.us) and completing the enrollment application which is available now. Any questions about the programs or the requirements for enrollment should be directed to Sue Allison, guidance administrator, at (330) 424-9561 ext. 118 or sue.allison@ccctc.k12.oh.us.

The CCCTC program being featured in February is Precision Machining and Manufacturing (PMM). This program is the newest program at the CCCTC but already has an abundance of success stories including a recent graduate who was one of 5 semi-finalists for the CTE Presidential Scholar award. Students from this program have seen great success both in their academic careers as well as quickly finding suitable employment. Many students are gainfully employed long before graduation. One of the reasons for students’ success in this program is the incredible support system from businesses who want to invest now through equipment and monetary donations to ensure well-qualified individuals will graduate and transition into the workforce. Another reason students succeed in this program is because of the dedication of the instructor.

Benefits of Being a Student in the Program

There are many benefits to being a student in the Precision Machining and Manufacturing Program. One of the attractive benefits to students is that they graduate ready to join the workforce in a skilled trade with a living wage. Students from this program are highly sought after by local businesses. Another benefit of being a student in this program is that it gives students who want to further their education a head start on continuing their education at the college level. This program is well-known for producing students who not only excel at the college level, but they often receive scholarships that provide a post-secondary education at a very minimal cost. Currently, there are three recent graduates attending college for Mechanical Engineering, all on scholarships earned at the CCCTC.

Credentials and Articulation Agreements for the Program

Instructor Matt Peters

Students who put effort into learning may leave the CCCTC with the credentials they need for success. Students enrolled in the Precision Machining and Manufacturing program can earn NIMS credentials in Measurement Materials and Safety, Milling, Turning, Turning Between Centers, Surface Grinder, Drill Press, CNC Mill Operations, CNC Mill Programming, CNC Lathe Operations, CNC Lathe Programming, and Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout. Students will also earn the OSHA 10 credentials and forklift certification while enrolled in the program.

The Precision Machining and Manufacturing Program has three excellent articulation agreements for students who chose to further their education. The first agreement is with Kent State University. Students may receive 3 credit hours for Engineering Drawing by submitting an application within 15 months of high school graduation, completing the high school Precision Machining and Manufacturing program with a “B” (3.0) grade point average, and submitting a high school transcript. The credits earned lead to the Associate of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology. The second articulation agreement is with The University of Akron. Students who successfully complete the CCCTC Precision Machining and Manufacturing Program and pass all required certification/licensure exams earning the NIMS Machining Level 1 Certification can earn thirteen (13) credits. Credits for Manufacturing Processes, Computer Aided Design, Intro to Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial Safety, and CNC Programming 1 can be awarded upon successful completion of the requirements and with proof of current certifications/licenses. The credits earned lead to the Associate of Applied Science – Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree. Finally, the third articulation agreement is with Eastern Gateway Community College. Students who successfully graduate from the secondary program in Precision Machining and Manufacturing program earning a “B” or better grade in the related coursework and a 3.0+ grade point average can earn several credits. Fifteen (15) credits will be awarded upon successful completion of NIMS credentials. The courses students can earn credit for are Intro to Manufacturing Processes, Drafting 1 for Machining, Intro to Manufacturing – Manual turning Process, Intro to Manufacturing – Manual Milling Process, and CNC Milling Operations. These credits lead to the Associate of Applied Science – Machining Technology degree.

Student Spotlight

The exemplary student that is spotlighted for Precision Machining and Manufacturing has a resume that speaks for itself. Blaine Havens, a senior from Beaver Local, takes his future very seriously and has been planning for and working toward success from a young age. Blaine has taken College Credit Plus (CCP) classes since 2018 which, upon graduation, will have already earned him 38 college credits toward a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. As a high school senior, he is already a member of the Youngstown State University Honors College with a 3.85 GPA. In addition, he is a member of the CCCTC’s National Technical Honor Society and Beaver Local’s National Honor Society. In his chosen lab, he has earned nearly all of the Level 1 NIMS credentials specializing in programming and operation of CNC mills and lathes. Blaine is the recipient of the 2021 Gene Haas Foundation Scholarship. He also serves as the SkillsUSA PMM class president. Blaine has a healthy work history from working at a hardware store to being an entrepreneur to working in the field where he has been training for the last two years. After beginning a business and selling it, running a lawn maintenance company, and working as a website designer, last year Blain began working as a CNC machinist for Miller Plastics, an industrial plastic fabrication and machining company in Burgettstown, PA, where he currently works Monday through Thursday through the work-placement program at the CCCTC. Blaine is currently looking toward his future. Two months ago he started his own additive manufacturing company. There is growth in the future of this field and his short-term goal is to partner with local manufacturing companies to change their manufacturing from subtractive processes to these new additive methods. By the end of next year, his company plans to design, build, and bring to market their own 3D printers and technologies. Outside of his school and work experience, Blaine enjoys helping other young entrepreneurs develop their own vision for their ideas. He is also actively looking for engineering internships and co-op programs so he can gain more experience while finishing his bachelor’s degree. While his success is evident, he doesn’t feel that he can take all of the credit for it. Blaine says, “I attribute my personality, ambitions, and success to everyone who has motivated me from a young age. Whether it be parents, grandparents, mentors, or employers, I have been surrounded by positive, influential leaders who I can look up to. My family has always promoted and supported me, and without that stability, my life would be unrecognizable.”

Instructor Spotlight

Matt Peters, the Precision Machining and Manufacturing instructor has a background full of experience and real-world knowledge. Mr. Peters’ experience in the field includes a Masters Degree in Trade and Industrial Education. He also holds many certifications that give him diversity in his qualifications including being an ASE Certified Master Tech, a NIMS Certified Instructor, a NOCTI Certified Welding Instructor, and working experience as a Journeyman Millwright. Mr. Peters has many other real-world experiences that make him a well-rounded professional. He is proud to be an Eagle Scout. From there, he became a United States Marine where he was an honor graduate of the Marine Corps Engineer School and was named 1998-99 Marine of the Year. His love of racing also led to experience as a former Pro Racing mechanic and his ingenuity in designing and prototyping automotive parts. Finally, being a dad is what he is most proud of, and having that experience helps when dealing with high school students.

CCCTC’s Precision Machining and Manufacturing Program Benefits Local Businesses

Local businesses are lucky to have access to future employees from a program where the students are very self-driven and are excited to get out into the field upon graduation. One of the biggest benefits this program offers to local businesses is that it gives them the opportunity to hire students with real industry credentials and experience working on industrial equipment similar to what they may encounter in their career. Students that complete the Precision Machining and Manufacturing program have OSHA certifications and have completed job shadowing or work-based learning. This means that there is less training that businesses have to complete with new hires, and the students they are looking to hire have experience through the work-based learning program at the CCCTC. Often, upon their high school graduation, students who participate in the work-based learning program become full-time employees with the company where they worked during high school.

Any student who is interested in enrolling in the Precision Machining and Manufacturing Program should complete the online application available now at https://www.ccctc.k12.oh.us/. Any questions about the program can be directed to Sue Allison at extension 118 (sue.allison@ccctc.k12.oh.us) or Michelle Fitzsimmons at extension 158 (michelle.fitzsimmons@ccctc.k12.oh.us) at the Columbiana County Career and Technical Center.


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