Edison students earn academic letters

RICHMOND — Edison High School students were recognized for their scholastic abilities after receiving academic letters during an assembly on Nov. 26.

More than 150 sophomores through seniors were lauded for their achievement and received first, second or third letters as a result. To qualify, they had to achieve a 3.0 grade point average or better during the current year.

Sophomore first letter winners: Savanna Ankrom, Gavin Barnhouse, Adriana Bertini, Nathan Black, Kasee Blackburn, Grady Board, Chloe Bond, Emileah Booth, Carlie Buchanan, Dakota Coil, Jacob Cusick, Angela Earich, Alysea Fiedorczyk, Mark Gescheider, Emily Gubanez, Colby Hill, Gabriel Hurdle, Delaney Johnson, Abigail Kinney, Katelin Kowalczyk, Emylie Layman, Drake Leasure, Dylan Leasure, Morgan Lesnansky, Nathan Lucas, Kathryn Maille, Ian McBane, Alayna Meadows, Emily Moore, Laine Murphey, Erika Murphy, Rachel Nesbitt, Justin Palmer, Karyn Parrish, Delaney Perine, Emily Phillips, Thomas Phillips, John Pipo, Mikayla Reed, Kiera Reese, Khloe Shannon, Andrew Schrock, Leanna Smith, Jocelyn Smyth, Jonah Snyder, Mychi Stewart, Kayla Striker, Arabel Sudvary, Jenna Swickard, Jenna Swickard, Cameron Taylor, Jayna Tedeschi, Isabella Wade, Kayla White, Benjamin Willison, Christopher Willison, Eli Wilson and Katie Yohman.

Juniors: Grace Andreozzi, second letter winner; Kiley Babel, second letter; Hannah Beadnell, second letter; Shayla Behnke, second letter; Haden Binkiewicz, second letter; Joseph Booth, second letter; Madison Brenstuhl, second letter; Sage Christianson, first letter; Hannah Christoff, second letter; Britanie Clifton, second letter; Hailey Cline, second letter; Blake Connelly, first letter; Jakob Fenske, second letter; Trista Furbee, second letter; Emily Gonzalez, second letter; Ashley Grafton, second letter; Kyle Griffith, second letter; Hailey Hanson, second letter; Owen Howell, second letter; Ronald Inman, second letter; Kylie Irwin, second letter; Sierra Johnston, second letter; Sydnee Keenan, second letter; Abigail Kiger, first letter; Aleni Knight, second letter; Nathan Kowalczyk, second letter; Jaicee Kummerlen, first letter; Alexander LaRue, first; Kelsie Law, second letter; Alaina Logan, second letter; Eric Longo, first letter; Allyson Marker, second letter; Kaitlyn Markert, second letter; Ireland McCafferty, second letter; Shane McCoy, second letter; Samuel Miller, second letter; Elizabeth Montgomery, second letter; Rayne Otto, second letter; Madison Phillips, second letter; Hailey Proudfoot, second letter; William Schultz, first letter; Emma Scott, second letter; Raven Shannon, first letter; Tyler Shrieve, second letter; Kenna Skeeles, second letter; Colby Smith, second letter; Lindsey Smith, second letter; Isabella Speedy, second letter; Karissa Speedy, first letter; Somer Speedy, second letter; William Stewart, first letter; Bradyn Strawser, second letter; Brien Striker, second letter; Hannah Swearingen, second letter; Justen Wargo, second letter; Kaden Wayt, first letter; Searra Westfall, second letter; Kevin Wires, second letter; and Autumn Wright, second letter.

Seniors: Gabrielle Carpenter, third letter; Blake Chesla, third letter; Melodey Clancey, third letter; Brianna Crawford, third letter; Karissa Cusick, third letter; Jarod Davis, first letter; Jessica Dobbins, third letter; Rachel Earich, third letter; Zachary Fluharty, second letter; Allison Grimes, third letter; Troy Hackathorn, third letter; Logan Hanchin, first letter; Kaysi Holland, second letter; Logan Holland, first letter; Hayden Johnson, third letter; Emily Kennedy, third letter; Carly King-Brewer, second letter; Brooke Kmatz, third letter; Ava Koniski, third letter; Jacob Lockhart, third letter; Alexander Mayle, third letter; Alec McBane, third letter; Hannah McCain, first letter; Lukas McCain, third letter; Carter Montgomery, third letter; Mikayla Petrisko, third letter; Jaiden Plunkett, third letter; Andrew Pugh, third letter; Abigail Saffell, third letter; Samuel Schrock, third letter; Karen Striker, second letter; Chesney Swickard, third letter; Holly Valentine, third letter; Starr Vantchev, third letter; Jadden Vincenzo, third letter; and Emily Waggoner, third letter.