At the front of McKinley Elementary School are six scarecrows created by the second and third grade students in the Math and Reading Clubs at McKinley Elementary. These scarecrows were created during their meeting and are a STEAM project. STEAM is science, technology, engineering, art and math. The students were broken up into groups and given all the materials to create the scarecrows- clothes, hats, straw, stake, and a paper bag. Working as a group they determined the manner in which to construct the scarecrow, how to make it look, and put it in the ground. The students were also given a choice of a book PUMPKIN TOWN or THE BIGGEST APPLE EVER to take home and read. The Reading Club is sponsored by Mrs. Emily Long and the Math Club is sponsored by MS Julie Mercer. Pictured first row (from left) Carter Long, Kellen Long; (second) Nickolas Peruchetti, Isaac Kraft, Mason Jones, Isaac Railing, Jeryck Boyd, Zachery Johnson; (third) Daniel Kupka, Evan Pacola and Luke Thomas (Submitted photo)