Smoke test reveals problems in Salineville

SALINEVILLE — With the results of the sewer system smoke test conducted six months ago back, Board of Public Affairs president Chad Bettis told village council on Monday they need to have a committee meeting to look at some of the problems found.

While some of problems could be easy or inexpensive fixes, others could be costly.

The smoke test was used to determine how much storm water infiltration is getting into the village’s sewage treatment system and being sent to the plant. Bettis explained there is no need to treat rain water and it costs the village $30 per gallon to treat whatever comes through the system.

“If we can cut some of the gallons of water out, we can save some money,” Bettis said, “and that is the whole purpose of the smoke test.”

Some of the bigger issues include manholes and 12 homes with gutters tied directly into the system, sending their rain water right into it. Bettis also would like to see if they can find any money available to help with some of the more expensive problems and get a timeline set for making the repairs.

A committee will be formed and will meet sometime in June to discuss the issues with Bettis offering to sit on the committee, which will include members of the BPA and council.

Additionally, during his report to council Bettis said there have been more mechanical problems with a pump station in Haiti, where a pair of underwear somehow was flushed into the system and clogged the pump. Bettis said the solution is having someone check the screen more often, but it would also help if people would not flush items which do not belong in the toilet.

Everytime one of these pumps clog Bettis said it costs the village $200 to $1,000 to repair it.

In other matters:

— Council passed an ordinance regarding the rate of pay for elected officials, although it did not change the pay rate for anyone. The ordinance only clarified that council is paid regarding per meetings attended or excused. Council will not be paid for meetings missed for unexcused reasons.

— Council also passed an ordinance regarding mayor’s court, which no longer exists. However, those whose license was suspended by the court have been finding it impossible to get it back. Council authorized Mayor Linda Adams and Police Chief Matthew Devlin to be able to sign off on paperwork for those seeking license reinstatement.

— A public hearing will be held regarding the agricultural district which is within the village, giving residents a chance to voice any concerns prior to a renewal. The hearing is planned during the next council meeting scheduled for 6 p.m., April 19.


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