EL youth mobilize for litter control in their neighborhoods

East Liverpool Mayor Greg Bricker (back) poses with six area youth who have formed litter patrols to keep their respective neighborhoods clean. From left, Karson Scafide, 5; Norah Nizer, 6; Harmony Scafide, 10; and Paul Wise, 7, make up the Thompson Hill unit, while Brody Lyle, 10, and Aubrey Lyle, tackle the Bradshaw area. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)

EAST LIVERPOOL – Inspired by Mayor Greg Bricker, some area youth recently have demonstrated that age is just a number, after they formed litter patrols in their neighborhoods as part of his effort to clean up the city.

On Tuesday morning, Mayor Bricker delivered the first three no littering signs to members of the Thompson Hill and Bradshaw litter patrol efforts to put up in the most prone of areas in their beat areas. The city is still awaiting additional signs.

Karson Scafide, Norah Nizer, Paul Wise and Harmony Scafide make up the Thompson Hill unit, while Brody Lyle and Aubrey Like make up the Bradshaw unit. Both teams spent time picking up litter in their neighborhoods twice a week, after Tracy Hyatt helped to organize them.

In Thompson Hill’s area, Harmony Scafide said that near Giant Eagle there is a problem area and did inquire of Mayor Bricker about the lack of a city recycling program. She said that they find a lot of recyclables like bottles and plastic in that area.

Many communities did discontinue their programs due to the decreasing value of the recyclables to offset the cost of running the program.

Bricker told Scafide that he too would like to find a way to bring it back to city residents.

Aubrey Lyle, 10, said that their neighborhood initiative formed, because they wanted to make their neighborhood a better place.

The youth tackle the Bradshaw Avenue, Maine Boulevard, Vine Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, Thompson areas twice a week.

Mayor Bricker commended the youth for their initiatives and hope the urge to beautify their neighborhoods will catch on. “I think that it is awesome, and the city will try and support them as best as we can,” adding that he hopes other youth follow their example.

“These individual neighborhood initiatives are what is going to change this city for the better,” he concluded.

His next citywide cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, July 18.


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