East Liverpool hopes for ‘Home Town Takeover’

EAST LIVERPOOL –Surrounded by a city filled with historic buildings and failing infrastructure, East Liverpool Mayor Greg Bricker is a man with a mission. He believes the city is a prime candidate for HGTV’s series, Home Town Takeover.

The main criteria are a population less than 40,000 (East Liverpool’s is 10,691), homes with great architecture longing to be revealed and a main street in need of a facelift. He believes the ‘pool has all three.

So Bricker, who has been in office less than a month after his successful write-in campaign, has teamed up with East Liverpool High School for his latest campaign, hoping to get a Home Town Rescue.

While he acknowledges that East Liverpool is somewhat late in the application process, he still is hopeful. Lisbon recently completed its nomination for the show, starting it months before.

Hosts Ben and Erin Napier, who helped to revitalize their own hometown, are looking to do the same elsewhere. Back in Laurel, Mississippi, the Napiers and their team transformed empty storefronts and houses in disrepair into a thriving destination community.

Mayor Bricker thinks that East Liverpool has the same unrealized potential and hopes the city will be selected for the six episode series that will be broadcast next year.

Looking for an entire town in need of restoration, the upgrades will take place at a few special residences and community places. Contenders could be East Liverpool’s historic downtown, Devon’s Diamond, parks or even recreational centers to name a few.

“Since they are looking to air this next year, the Napiers will have to choose pretty quickly,” Bricker noted Monday from his private downtown office.

Not only is this a chance to get the community involved but the youth as well. Mayor Bricker said Monday that he is set to meet with East Liverpool High School to see what they already may have on hand as well as what else that they can contribute.

He encourages members of the public to not only see what they can contribute but also send their own individual nominations to the Napiers, as he and wife Katie will be.

The Brickers will be emailing the Napiers at rescuecasting@rtrmedia.com to ask them to consider East Liverpool. He suggests to make sure to include names and phone numbers as well as stressing East Liverpool’s American made legacy. “(That) plays to our pottery roots, so I encourage that we play that up in our notes,” Mayor Bricker added.

It isn’t the first time that a local community has achieved national notoriety thanks to a grassroots effort. Last year, Columbiana was named “The Nicest Place in America” by Reader’s Digest out of more than 1,000 submissions, and Das Dutch Haus Restaurant and Bakery was named the Sweetest Bakery in Ohio thanks to successful grassroots campaigns by that community.

For more information, visit https://hgtvhometowntakeover.com.


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