Property Transfers

Center Township

Thomas and Debra Hinchcliffe to Emile DuBois, home and 5.2 acres on state Route 517; $236,000


David and Frances Baehler to Nicole Ice, home on North Elm Street; $180,000

Tan Ver Development to Tyler Furrie, 0.9 acres on Juniper Drive; $64,000

East Liverpool

Leslie Crosier to Veronica Keenan, home on Garner Avenue; $79,900

Misty Rector to James Casto, home on Ravine Street; $23,000

Teresa Cline to Edward and Dorothy Roberts, home on Oliver Street; $30,000

Mark McKinnon to Linda Cunningham, home on Princeton Street; $39,900

Elkrun Township

Mike Smith to JNV Holdings, home and 11 acres on state Route 45; $413,000

Fairfield Township

Darryl and Agnes Jones to David and Alissa Blevins, home and 3.8 acres on Crestview Road; $168,000

Hanover Township

Joel Thomas to Mitchell McGuire, home on Hillcrest Avenue; $27,000

Susan Pike, trustee, to Mitchell McGuire, 0.3 acres on Hillcrest Avenue; $20,000

Michael Young, etc, to Milltree Properties, 32 acres on Trinity Church Road; $95,000

Knox Township

Mike and Kathleen Sanderbeck to Tim and Robin Armbruster, home and 2.1 acres on Hanselman Road; $189,500


Kevin and Brenna Graham to Chimera Reo 2018-NR1 LLC, home on Columbiana Street (sheriff’s sale); $30,000


Harva and Andrew Blocksom to Andrew Blocksom, partial interest in home on Maple Street; $35,100


Pauline McGrath to Tiffany Kekel, home on Woodland Avenue; $45,000

U.S. Bank Trust to Four Loves Holdings, home at 487 E. Seventh Street; $20,000

Patricia Moore to Let Me Think, home on Jefferson Avenue; $65,001

Barbara Devine to Christopher and Lisa Toy, condominium on Westview Avenue; $159,000

Crystal Perez to Unitcenter LLC, home on Bank Street; $30,000

James and Andrea Dolon to Zachary Grimes, home on Washington Avenue; $71,500

Bruce and Mary Ann Witcher to Daniel Whitman, home on Fair Avenue; $85,000

Shelby Perry to Tom Colbertand Samantha Wright, home on Fair Avenue; $130,000

Annie Huffman to Calvin Ratliff, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $44,000

Salem Township

Vada Graham to Stephen Chenault, RV park and 10 acres on Cherry Valley Road; $252,000

St. Clair Township

Triple A Real Estate to St. Clair Township trustees, commercial vacant land on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $57,500

Robert and Marissa Shallcross to Tim Cafrelli, home on Stagecoach Road; $195,000

Unity Township

John and Kristen Barkey to Joshua Collins, home on Timber Run Street; $199,900

Penny and Jonathan Esenwein to SMS Group, 2.6 acres on state Route 14; $26,890

Kathryn Putnam to Nathan Kinder, home on West Main Street; $8,500


Crystal Welch to Jill Willis, home on Commerce Street; $12,200

West Township

Arthur Fessler to Paul and Kimberly King, home and 28 acres on Stump Road; $179,000

Andrew and Martha Yoder to Kevin and Patricia Riggs, 1.1 acres on West Egypt Road; $5,000

Yellow Creek Township

Nicholas and Joann Rivelle to Frank Drago, et al, 1.9 acres on state Route 39; $9,000


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