Columbiana County Property Transfers

Center Township

Betty and William Pancake to Joe Gregory, home on Leetonia Road; $115,000

Mike Helman to James Cox, home on Thomas Road; $85,000


Kenneth and David Kornbau, trustees, to John and Deborah Schmitt, home on Kingwood Avenue; $142,500

Brian and Cynthia Pearl to Bryan and Kristin Granchie, home on Metz Road; $199,900

ACM Vision V to Morgan Linger, home at 212 Duquesne St.; $17,500

East Liverpool

Dan Galeoti to William Brunner, home and 2.1 acres on Trentvale Street; $10,000

Dean Shreve to Bristen Lavant and Ashlee Durbin, home on First Avenue; $7,500

Carrie and Patrick King Jr. to Nathan and Kirsten Martin, home on St. Clair Avenue; $75,000

Terry and Kelly Weyand to Samantha and Glenn Kendall Jr., home on Vernia Street; $17,500

John Tittle to Kaylin Ferguson, home on Morton Street; $30,000

Warren Broadsword to Harry Channels, home on May Street; $12,500

Jerry and Carolyn Adams to Lionmark Liverpool Ltd., retail building ar 506 Market St.; $99,900

LAR Capital to Resolve Equity Investments, home at 933 May St.; $7,500

County Sheriff (Audie White) to Bank of New York, home on St. George Street; $14,000

East Palestine

Village of East Palestine to Lorie Ritchey, 0.4 acres on Hillside Drive; $11,500

Village of East Palestine to Jeremy and Meghan Vranesevich, 0.7 acres on Hillside Drive; $11,500

Kathy Enterline to Jeremy and Meghan Vranesevich, home on Hillside Drive; $252,000

Elkrun Township

Sandra Beiling, trustee, to Edmund and Darlene Anderson, 1.9 acres on Roller Coaster Road; $5,000

Russell Eells to ALCOE Ltd., property on Elkton Road; $14,000

Mike and Joanne Anderson to Margaret and Audrey Weddle, 8.3 acres and a barn on Dutchtown School Road; $18,000

Hanover Township

Bernard Wittenmyer to John and Carleen Seligman, 1 acre on Hoffee Road; $12,375

D & L LLC to Gary Barnes Jr., 14 acres on Westward Way; $35,200

Bernard Wittenmyer to Anthony and Mandy Danko, 4 acres on Westward Way; $44,000

Kalene Hout to Shane Anderson, et al, home on Campbell Road; $83,500

Liverpool Township

Terry and Deborah McCartney to William Anderson, home and 2 acres on Dairy Lane; $40,000

Aaron and Jessica Ensminger to Kyle Weyand, home on Pleasant Street; $145,000

Middleton Township

William Miller, et al, to William Miller, et al, 9.1 acres on Taylor Road; $11,250

Amanda Bellville to Nicholas Young, home and 2.3 acres on Quay Road; $228,500

Perry Township

Julia and David Linton to Eric and Michelle Shields, home and 1.6 acres on Pidgeon Road; $245,000

Frank and Teri Wolford to Nathaniel and Emily Wolford, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $259,000


CZ Real Estate Holdings to Kim Fortner, home at 627 Madison Ave.; $120,000

EK Wilson Properties to Justin Novak, home at 1261 E. Third St.; $48,500

Salem Township

Todd and Julie Duke to Ruth and Richard Duke, home and 1.2 acres on Jersey Ridge Road; $30,000

St. Clair Township

Kenneth and Martha Vincent to Thomas and Sandra Brandon, home and 1.9 acres on Annesley Road; $41,500

Avis Keck to Mark Eliseo, home and 7.4 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $92,239

Alice Tingler, et al, to Alice Tingler, home on Belmont Avenue; gift.

Thomas Shields to William and Janet Conrad, four lots on Cornell Street; $9,500

Barbara Matthess to Andrew Stephens, home on Wyoming Avenue; $78,000

County Sheriff (Rick and Cheryl Camerlin) to U.S. Bank National Association, home on Cornell Avenue; $21,000

Unity Township

Wayne Harmon to Kurt and Melissa Conkle, home on North Pleasant Drive; $37,000

Green Land LLC to Shane and Jaimie Brubaker, 5.8 acres on Poland-Unity Road; $25,960

Christopher Evans to WTJ Land Holdings, 0.2 acres on Bacon Avenue; $800

Washington Township

Jack and Lorrie Van Dyne to Casey Gregg and Lovedevett Hill, home and 5 acres on Clarks Mill Road; $85,000


Steven and Constance Smith to Dale and Michelle Hanlon, home on 18th Street; $25,000

Shlomi and Karen Dadush to William Craven, home on Commerce Street; $36,000

Kimberly and John Keller Jr. to Deno and Charissa Montgomery, home on Aten Avenue; $23,500


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