Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Ronald and Carla Bates to Jonathan and Quintana McConnell, home on Shoemaker Road; $201,500

Center Township

Kathy Brown to Michael Helman and Kimberly Kreid, home and 2.2 acres on Adams Road; $198,550


Dibo Construction to Thomas and Stacy Wick, home on Hawkins Lane; $278,602

Janet O’Neal, trustee, to Eugene and Aimee Firmi, home on Prestwick Court; $272,000

Jeffrey Ludt Jr. to Dennis and Barbara Unger, home on Brenda Lane; $100,000

Zachary and Amanda Davis to WH Midwest, 0.5 acres on Hawkins Lane; $54,000

East Liverpool

Common Wealth Inc. to Steven Williams, home on Putnam Street; $34,000

Leah Bosco to Russell Dray Jr., home on Ohio Avenue; $26,000

Robert Howard to Kenneth and Linda Hayburst, property on Pennsylvania Avenue; $1,500

John Young II to David Nusser, home on Ceramic Street; $80,000

John and Karen Liberatore to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $13,000

Steve Wilson to Melissa Smith, home on Fisher Avenue; $68,500

East Palestine

Cynthia Dodd to Roger and Katie Miller, home on Brookdale Avenue; $80,000

Rogers and Katie Miller to Teresa and Charles Peck Jr., home on Brookdale Avenue; $115,000

Elkrun Township

Michael Powell to James Lough, home and 20 acres on Raley Road; $260,000

Fairfield Township

Jennifer and Jeffrey Ross to Derek and Joselyn McCutcheon, home on state Route 7; $92,200

145 Development Co. to Armadillo Development, 2.4 acres on state Route 344; $15,000

Knox Township

Debra Bocknek to Casey and Tracie Jones, 3.8 acres on 12th Street; $40,000

Tom and Ted Offenbecher to Tom Offenbecher, home and 5 acres on 12th Street; $110,000.

Otto and Maureen Jankus, trustees, to Jeremy Young, home on Sycamore Street; $68,500

Hanover Township

Larry Fryfogle, trustee, to Matt and Mark Bandy, 78 acres on McCann Road; $220,000

Jamie France to Strong Family Investments, home on state Route 9; $25,000


Margaret Guignon-Haag to Diana Morrow, home and 2.7 acres on Walnut Street; $58,500

Kayfay Inc. to Cody and Shelby Riddle, home on Somer Street; $127,000

Earl Bell Jr. to Anthony and Jenny Alfman, home on Honey Lane; $60,000


Alex Carman to Zachary and William Conrad, home on West Washington Street; $71,500

Peter and Frances Gallo to Rick Joy and Alice Loy,home on East Chestnut Street; $63,000

Liverpool Township

Kimberly Sprout and Tamberly Keys to Edward Sivy Jr. and Edward Sivy III, home on Center Road; $25,500

John Babb to Tim and Kayla Jividen, home on Fisher Avenue; $70,000

Madison Township

Floyd Wells to Robert Mackall III, home on Yeager Drive; $99,000

Floyd Wells to Robert Mackall III, manufactured home on Yeager Drive; $36,510

Middleton Township

Clark and Darlene Wolf to Chase Miller, home and 13 acres on state Route 154; $140,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Vicky and Joseph Geisse IV, home at 47608 Chippewa Trail; $68,000


Domenic and Thomas Todarello to Duane and Nancy Barton, home on Ridgewood Drive; $55,000

Smith Family Trust to Salem Community Center, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $40,000

Patricia Lutz to John and Lenora Lewis, home on Jennings Avenue; $64,500

Daniel Berndt to Ronald and Barbara Milliron, home on Highland Avenue; $236.500

David Grimstad to Lawrence Holisky, home on East State Street; $30,000

Patricia Smith to John Burkey, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $75,000

CND Development to Julio Tomas, home East Third Street; $26,500

Advanta Ira Trust to Thomas Snyder and Hilary Berdine, home on East Third Street; $74,900

Salem Township

Dan and Stephanie Powell to Andrey and Christine Povroznik, 3.5 acres on state Route 558; $6,514

St. Clair Township

Calcutta Development to Jason and Tara Pusateri, 2.3 acres on Fieldstone Drive; $48,500

Robert Smallbridge to Jonathan and Rebecca Freeman, home on Lynn Street; $32,000

R & T Green Realty to Gary Greathouse and Kay Paroda, home at 16128 Cannons Mill Road; $58,500

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Andrew Schrack, home at 16895 Gipner Ave.; $29,307

Janet Gamble estate to Robert Penn, 0.5 acres with garage on Warren Avenue; $9,250

Unity Township

Windle and Wanda Hedger to Shannon and Vickie Hull, home on Brookdale Avenue; $80,000

Ralph Goist to Pamela Johnson, home on Metz Road; $62,500


George and John Gbur to Robert and Debra Boley, home on Main Street; $37,500

West Township

Wayne and Karen Schonauer to Amber Zwick, et al, home and 1 acres on Bower Road; $110,000.


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