Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Raymond Gatrell Jr. et al to Raymond Gatrell Jr., manufactured home on state Route 9; $71,333.


Tan Ver Development LLC to Deborah Towns, .5 acres on Juniper Drive; $32,000.

Tan Ver Development LLC to Lauren and Kurt Eisenbraun, .46 acres on Juniper Drive; $32,000.

Firestone Homestead LLC to Alyssa Newton, .41 acres on Homestead Drive; $59,000.

East Palestine

Diana Bogdan and Connie Berresford to Robert and Jeanne Harris, home on Pine Tree Circle; $119,900.

Fairfield Township

Maria Dunn to Raymond and Lori Jensen, 5.9 acres on state Route 164; $40,000.

Ward Showalter et al to B&W Custom Farming LLC, farm buildings and 98 acres on state Route 14 and Beeson Mill Road; $741,700.

Hanover Township

Ronald Dezenzo to Daniel and Lisa Kufner, home on Camp Boulevard; $189,500.

Kristy Fraas to Strong Family Investments LLC, home on state Route 30; $27,150.

Carole Cooper, trustee, to Douglas and Rebecca Cooper, 98 acres on Whinnery Road and Schneider Road; $70,000.

Knox Township

Joshua Kuntzman to John Tafe, home on Bayard Road; $100,000.

Steven Croyle to Joyce Olesky, trustee, home on Center Road; $158,200.

Reading Church of the Brethren to Scott and Jan Schaefer, church and 4.1 acres on Georgetown Road; $175,000.


Tax Ease Funding 2016-1 REO LLC to Columbiana County Land Reutilization Corp., home on East Chestnut Street; $50,100.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas Ketchum, home on Sunset Drive; $41,254.

Liverpool Township

Deborah Kelly to Clark and Lynn Miller, home on Manor Lane; $88,000.

David and Sharon Whims to James and Valerie Olinger, home on Harding Avenue; $220,000.

Shelia Martin to Adam Graham, mobile home on Lisbon Street; $82,000.

Middleton Township

Kenneth Lorey to Tribe Land LLC and NEO Group 1 LLC, home and 12.7 acres on Peace Valley Road; $80,000.

Perry Township

Dennis Whaley to Jeannine Santoro, home on Liberty Street; $33,000.

Lee and Norma Althouse to Margaret Ickes, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $179,000.

Lisa Wallace to Pablo and Alis Rocha, home on Springsdale Street; $105,000.

Robert and Nancy Amey, home on Plymouth Place; $159,000.


Bernice Elliott to Lyndon Bauman, home on Adams Avenue; $125,000.

Antonio and Edith Papale to Quaker Hall LLC, commercial land on Chestnut Grove Road and other commercial structures on Lincoln Avenue; $280,000.

Floyd Redmond and Jamie Verna to Josiane Lynn, home on East Eighth Street; $142,000.

Elliott Bay Healthcare Realty LLC to ARG DI51PCK001 LLC, commercial building and dialysis clinic on East Pershing Street; $3,043,189.

Mary Barnes to Daniel Neiswanger, home on Union Avenue; $70,000.

Megan McLaughlin to Kaitlyn and Richard Gibson Jr., home on Merle Road; $163,000.

Michael O’Dell to CVI LCF Mortgage Loan Trust, home on Jennings Avenue; $32,000.

Nathaniel Clark to New Rez LLC DBA Shellpoint Mortgage, North Ellsworth Avenue; $42,000.

Charles and Leslie Seibert to Drew Hannay, home on West Pershing Street; $33,000.

Unity Township

Stacy Hoffer to Douglas Hoffer, home on Adams Road; $8,542.

Wayne Township

Kevin Joy to Russell Callehan, home on Steubenville Pike; $84,000.


Danny Saracco to Levi Brown, home on Commerce Street; $5,000.

West Township

Jeffrey McCauley to Charles Collier, farm buildings and 8.1 acres on Melissa Lane; $125,000.


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