Columbiana County Property Transfer

Center Township

U.S. Bank Trust to Christian and Amelia Roberts, home and 15 acres on Crosser Road; $253,000

Jennifer Stalnaker, et al, to Thomas and Debra Hinchcliffe, home on Robert Road; $132,000

Bartha Family Revocable Trust to Jennifer McCloskey, et al, home on Robert Road; $135,000


Mary Tarnovich to Lawrence and Tara Snyder, condominium on Timberline Drive; $195,000

Linda Seidner, et al, to Robert and Juanita Gamble, property on Albright Avenue; $500

Firestone Homes to Gerald and Susan Bittner, 0.4 acres on Homestead; $62,000

East Liverpool

Windsor Properties to Haught Revocable Trust, home at 679-1/2 St. Clair Ave., $20,000

BTAS Properties to Orchards Real Estate, home at 707 Armstrong Lane; $265,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to BTAS Properties, home at 2203 Pickering St.; $24,500

East Palestine

Matt McKay to David Sharek Jr., home on East Martin Street; $84,000

Dennis and Mary Manley to Donald and Deanne Johnson, 0.37 acres on Moore Lane; $12,000

Heather McIlduff to Jessica Maxwell, home on West North Avenue; $95,000

Elkrun Township

Kevin and Tammy McDade to Tim Cusick Jr., home and 6 acres on state Route 7; $105,000

Randal Perrino to RLAL Inc. restaurant (Lock 24) on state Route 154; $195,000

Fairfield Township

James and Candice Hawkins to Kelsi Garwood, home on state Route 7; $106,000

Buckeye Transfer Realty to Vienna Enterprises, 65 acres on Esterly Drive and Cherry Fork; $4.9 million

Hanover Township

Scott and Jennifer Brewer to Lance and Heather Pitts, home on Lake Knoll Avenue; $16,000

Knox Township

Lucy Ogden to Brooke and Brandy Pidgeon, home and 108 acres on Knox School Road; $669,600

Joellen Phillips to Kate Cline, home and acres on 1.7 acres on Homeworth Road; $238,000


Foster Pattern Works to Devin Myer, home on Columbia Street; $35,200

Middleton Township

Patricia and Larry Leister to Daryl Reynolds, home on state Route 170; $1,000

Perry Township

Joseph Miller to SLW Development, property at 1001 W. State St.; $159,000


Andrea Leeland, et al, to John and Ardith Untch, home on Orchard Bend Drive; $224,500

Kellie Bailey to One Step Forward Inc., home on Fairview Avenue; $120,000

Kathy Harroff to Annette Salvino, et al, home on South Union Avenue; $89,500

Beth and RJ Kufleitner to Bryant and Marisa Bezon, home on Pearce Circle; $265,000

Jeff and Heath Holenchick to Scotty Skiba, home on Penn Avenue; $64,900

Chander and Kiran Mohan to Rachna Mohan, home on Shady Lane; gift

Mary Kennedy to Lakeview Loan Servicing, home on Monroe Street; $34,000

James and Gwen Scullion to Don Santee, 8 acres on state route 344; $75,000

Salem Township

Patty and Robert Donley Jr. to Brandon Veiock and Brooke Hofmeister, home and 2 acres on St. Jacob-Logtown Road; $135,000

Kenneth and Annie Banet to Justin Bias, home on Highland Avenue; $160,000

Shirley Hawk to Matthew and Ashlee Allison, home and 3.2 acres on Old Route 344; $225,000


Christopher Asher to Gerald Joy Jr., manufactured home on Jefferson Street; $5,000

St. Clair Township

David and Karen Adkins to Divvy Homes Warehouse II, home on Wyoming Avenue; $82,500

Patricia Davis to Anthony and Natalie Vantilburg, home on Vale Street; $165,000

Grayce Jackson, et al, to Larry Beaulieu Jr., home on Oakmont Avenue; $199,900

Prestige Properties of East Liverpool to Richard Hoppel Co., law office on St. Clair Avenue; $65,000

Serla Brandel to Nathaniel Lamantia, home and 2.3 acres on Longs Church Road; $94,000

Thomas and Nancy Moore to James and Pamela McElwain, 0.2 acres on Hollywood Drive; $3,050


Brenda and Tracey Lightsey to Sam Frazier III and Vera Frantum, home on Fink Road; $123,340

Unity Township

Ronald Huseman to Matt and Kelli Shingleton, home on Timber Run; $154,000


Eileen Russell to Chantzy McGuire, home on West Main Street; $100,341

Wayne Township

Steven Jenkins to Lacey Pickens, manufactured home and 1.5 acres on Steubenville Pike Road; $95,000

Kenneth Wonch to Mervin Jones, 1 acre on Roses Run Road; $500


Daniel Excell to David Sell, manufactured home and lot on Washington Street; $12,100


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