Soggy Doggy opens in Wellsville

Soggy Doggy owner Dawn Green-Wilson grooming rescue pup Sassy. (Photo by Julie Riedel

WELLSVILLE– Pups receive the spa experience at the Soggy Doggy. The new groomer opened on July 1 in Wellsville.

Located at 1060 Torrence Drive, Wellsville, in the basement of owner Dawn Green-Wilson’s home, the Soggy Doggy is a two room operation. Walk through the sliding glass door to find a reception desk and a biscuit bar selling all natural dog treats for $5 a bag. Behind the Dutch door is the grooming station complete with two tables and a tub. Green-Wilson explained its recommended to have three doors to prevent runaways, so she has kennels for when dogs are waiting to be picked up, the Dutch door and then the exit, and when dogs are being groomed she uses straps to keep the dogs from jumping off the table or out of the tub. Green-Wilson uses a dog grooming comb, electric clippers and a number of blow dryers, including a forced air one for after baths to get the excess water and hair off, a standard blow dryer and a crate dryer which is quieter but takes longer.

“I’ve been working two jobs for about 10 years, and I just got tired, and I thought if I’m going to work two jobs, I might as well work for myself on the second one,” said Green-Wilson. “Then I can set my own hours and do my own thing. And I never had a dog that needed grooming until I got the dog I have now. And I took him to the groomers and I thought this might be an all right thing to do.”

Green-Wilson received her groomers certificate in May of 2018 and started working at Doggy Styles in Newell. She worked with Diane Baird, the owner of Doggy Styles for about a year and half before opening the Soggy Doggy. Green-Wilson described Baird as a friend, who let her establish a client list while renovating her basement to open up her own shop.

“She’s a hard working person, and an excellent groomer,” said Baird. “I hope she’ll be successful, I’m sure she will be.”

The Soggy Doggy’s business hours are 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, because Green-Wilson still works as a casino dealer at Mountaineer Casino.

The time and price is determined by the size of the dog and its behavior. Pricing starts as $40 for small dogs, $50 for medium sized dogs and large dogs cost $75. She’s currently booked three and a half weeks in advance and her appointments also last between one and three hours.

With every grooming Green-Wilson trims the dogs nails, cleans their ears, gives them two baths, one to get them clean and a second to make them smell nice, she also gives dogs a brushing and a trim to the owners requested length. She runs a diffuser giving the room a lavender smell to help keep the dogs relaxed while they are getting groomed, and every dog also leaves with a bow or bandana.

“We don’t send them out until they look good,” said Green-Wilson.



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