Columbiana County Propert Transfers

Butler Township

Jean Zion to William and Holly Morrow, home and 3.2 acres on Georgetown Road; $150,000

Center Township

Justin Hall Estate to Linda Shurtleff, et al, property on Steubenville Pike Road (bankruptcy sale); $35,000

Sheila Hawk to Mike and Tracy Castellucci, 67 acres on Trinity Church Road; $238,100

Matt and Dorcas Weaver to Sheldon and Tina Burkholder, two vacant properties totaling 1.6 acres on Pleasantview Drive; $2,500


Loretta Becker to Jeff and Leslie Schreiber, home on West Woodland Avenue; $142,500

Tan Ver Development to Zachary and Amanda Davis, 0.5 acre lot on Hawkins Lane; $32,000

Harry and Donna Dailey to Corey Bowker, et al, home on Union Street; $16,000

Tan Ver Development to Di’Bo Construction, 0.6 acres on Juniper Drive; $34,000

East Liverpool

Larry and Betty Davis to Dominic and Whitney Southhall, home on Cartwright Street; $53,000

Connie Balch to Ralph and Britney Galeoti, home on Williams Avenue; $80,000

John and Karen Liberatore to Huff Hoffman, lot on Orchard Grove Avenue; $500

Jay and Drew Santee to Carrie and Patrick King Jr., vacant property on Shady Lane Drive; $3,500

David McCune, et al, to David McCune, home on Chester Avenue; $11,750

Tamara and Thomas Wolfe III to William Davis, home on McKinnon Avenue; $3,000

Cedar Gable Rentals to Guillermo Herrera, home at 406 Vine St.; $44,000

Donald Jones Jr. to Anthony Travers, home on West Fourth Street; $25,000

East Palestine

Mary Shears to David Biggs, commercial property (laundromat) at 190 W. Taggart St.; $250,000

Cyndi and David Smith Jr. to Zana Anderson, et al, home on East Main Street; $62,000

Franklin Township

Corey Griffith to David and Rebecca Rea, manufactured house and 10 acres Foundry Hill Road; $40,000


Paul and Mitchell Medved to Damon Custer and Elizabeth Mills, home on Pearl Street; $93,500

TDB NO2 LLC to James Crago, home at 528 Butcher Road; $28,000


Alice Horner to Richard Brewer, home on Maple Street; $25,000

Liverpool Township

Mary Sutton to Nichole and John Dunn, home on Lighthouse Court; $225,000

Madison Township

Mark and Rebecca Frederick to Carl and Leanna Nolder, home and 15 acres on Old Route 45; $337,500

Kenneth Frye Jr. to William Ballog, home and 2 acres on Alderlick Road; $198,900

Middleton Township

Carrie Catlett to Wendy and Shurl Stover III, property on Chippewa Trail; $1,681

Ricky Prasco to Great Trail Ventures, house trailer and 1.4 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $45,000

New Waterford

Fox Hollow Properties to Morrell Enterprises, 0.3 acres on Silliman Street; $1,000

Morrell Enterprises Fox Hollow Properties, vacant lot on Silliman Street; $1,000

Perry Township

Francis Goetz to Nathan Murphy and Chesle Parker, home and 5.9 acres on Depot Road; $184,900


Fusion Notes LLC to Jose Alferez to Amanda Castillo, home at 584 E. Sixth St.; $15,000

Michele Gorby to James and Debra Jackson, home on West 10th Street; $90,000

Mary and Harry Conn to Robert Bober, home on Highland Avenue; $295,000

Julie Hiltbrand to Douglas Sutton, home on Highland Avenue; $52,800

Betty Coy Estate to Robert and Kristine Yuhanick, home on West Fourth Street; $18,000

Olimpia Edling to Assured Properties, home on East Perry Street; $24,200

Carole Ludwig, et al, to Mike and Nancy Bigley, home on Southeast Boulevard; $120,000

Larry Stanley to Matt Gasser, home on East Perry Street; $8,800

Salem Township

Tim and Kylie Holt to Noah and Kayla Weiser, home on Depot Road; $151,000


Courtney Gossman to Fred and Judy Woodburn, home on Main Street; gift

St. Clair Township

Robert Williams to Summer Taylor, et al; home and 1.9 acres on state Route 267; $74,000

Bank of New York to Charles Tice, home at 50148 Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $40,000

Unity Township

Christopher and Kris Delvaux to Joseph Borg and Mindy Batton, home and 1.6 acres on Meadow Ridge Lane; $200,000

Karen Cyrus to Eric Wilson and Natalie Foster, home on England Drive: $200,000

Wayne Township

David Schindlbeck to Dale and Renee Lackey, home and 12 acres on Seigler Road; $235,000

West Township

Shelley Swank to Benjamin and Erin Willis, home on Ridge Road; $250,000

Yellow Creek Township

Farmers National Bank to Venture Home Real Estate, home at 1201 Nicolaus Ave.; $50,000


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