SRMC launches newest 3D PET/CT scanner

Pictured with SRMC new 3D PET/CT scanner are (from left) LuAnn Ayers, RT(R), SRMC Director of Medical Imaging; Peter Apicella, M.D., SRMC Chief Radiologist; Clarissa Goehring, RT(R)(N), CNMT; Miranda Mayle, RT(R)(N)(MR), CNMT; and Debbie Mesmer, RT(R)(CT), SRMC Medical Imaging Operational Supervisor. (Submitted photo)

SALEM — A regional leader in advanced medical imaging, Salem Regional Medical Center (SRMC) is now offering the next-generation 3D PET/CT scanner with the fastest and highest image quality available anywhere in the nation. The new 3D PET/CT scanner will be used to diagnose cancers, monitor cancer treatment, and detect cancer recurrence.

“Salem Regional Medical Center has a long-standing reputation for offering the latest breakthroughs in medical imaging to help diagnose diseases in their earliest stages,” said Dr. Peter Apicella, SRMC’s Chief Radiologist. “The clarity and detail of the new 3D PET/CT scanner with leading-edge technology will benefit our region’s cancer patients with the most advanced medical imaging available.”

Siemens National Showcase Site

For many years, Salem Regional Medical Center has invested in the latest innovations in medical imaging technology. The Siemens Corporation recognized the hospital’s investment in quality and has chosen SRMC as a Siemens’ national showcase site to host their newest 3D PET/CT scanner technology. SRMC is the first hospital to offer this next-generation technology within an 8-state region of the country, including Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

“Thinking back to just 10 years ago before we had our smartphones, we can see the rapid evolution of technology going on around us. SRMC has the fastest Dual-128 CT scanner performing 3D Cardiac CT, Virtual Colonoscopies and the lowest dose Lung Cancer Screening; the highest resolution 3-Tesla MRI at twice the resolution of other area hospitals; the latest 3D Mammography; and recently added High Definition Ultrasound, which is like going from traditional TV to HD TV. Most hospitals and imaging centers in the area have not kept up with these changes and aren’t able to provide their patients the highest imaging quality at the lowest radiation dose,” explained Dr. Apicella. “We are proud to provide services seen only at large academic centers to our patients.”

3D PET/CT – Advanced Imaging for Cancer

“Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners use tiny amounts of radioactive sugar to image the body just like the sugar in foods we eat. This sugar is taken up by the cells of our body, but cancer cells, which are busy growing, take up much more sugar than normal cells,” Dr. Apicella added.

By combining the latest generation 128-Detector CT and solid-state PET scanner, Salem Regional Medical Center’s new 3D PET/CT can obtain the most detailed images of cancer anywhere in the body in half the time (less than 15 minutes) and at half the radiation dose of older area PET scanners.

Dr. Apicella noted that the superior detail of the new 3D PET/CT images makes it possible to distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, as well as helping to pinpoint the precise size, location and extent of the disease. This can reduce the need for patients to undergo invasive procedures like biopsies or other diagnostic tests and allows for more effective and targeted treatment of the cancer.

“Knowing the exact location of cancer guides surgical planning, chemotherapy and radiation treatment to provide the best treatment success,” he continued.

“We are honored to provide the highest-end imaging technology to our patients, including our new 3D PET/CT, and to be chosen as a national showcase site in recognition of our efforts.”

Salem Regional Medical Center’s “Next Generation” 3D PET/CT complements the hospital’s other advanced medical imaging services available locally, including:

*Highest Detailed 3D Mammography

*Fastest Dual-128 CT Scanner with:

*3D Cardiac CT

*3D Virtual CT Colonoscopy

*Low Dose Lung Cancer Screening CT

*Area’s First Open 3T MRI including:

*Highest Detailed Breast and Prostate 3T MRI

*Latest HD (High Definition) Ultrasound

SRMC’s CT, MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Lung Screening services are nationally recognized for high quality and safety through accreditation by the American College of Radiology, the nation’s leading agency for quality assurance in medical imaging.

For more information about Salem Regional Medical Center’s new 3D PET/CT scanner and other advanced imaging studies, call SRMC Medical Imaging at 330-332-7131 or visit www.salemregional.com.


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