Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Hidden Creek of Route 62 to R. Mark Shivers Trust, property on Wooddale Drive; $35,900.

Center Township

Gary and Ame Little to George Crawford, home on state Route 45; $59,000.

East Liverpool

U.S. Bank National Association to STG Properties, home at 651 Spring Grove Ave.; $28,000.

Hallie Pobanz to Nickolas Jordan, home on Fourth Street; $58,000.

Elkrun Township

Green Land LLC to Jerry and Deloris Young, home on Lusk Lock Road; $225,000.

Richard and Lesley Little to Seth and Sairey Williams, home and 6.2 acres on state Route 517; $177,000.

Fairfield Township

Peter and Marcia Hannishin to Charles Beiling Trust, manufactured home and property on Metz Road; $5,000.

Franklin Township

Steven and Esther Horst to Edwin and Nora Horst, home, farm buildings and 88 acres on Willard Road; $300,000.


Jarrett Kreps to Joseph and Susan Stolfzfus, home on Plymouth Street; $10,000.

Knox Township

Joellen Phillips to Charles and Treva Cline, 1.4 acres on Abbey Lane; $20,000.


Robin Stepanovich to Nicolas Stepanovich, home on Pearl Street; $22,500.


J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to Thomas Thomas, home on North Beaver Street; $18,500.

Liverpool Township

Becky Reed to Kevin Reed, home on North Avenue; $34,550.

Bank of New York to Patrick King, home on Anderson Boulevard; $20,500.

Madison Township

Mary Mercina, et al, to Gloria and Jerald Williams, home on Madison Street; $16,000.

Loandepot.com to Mike and Brandy Gaffney, home on Alderlick Road; $52,500.

William and Linda Forbes to Dominion Energy Transmission, easement over property on Fife Coal Road; $3,600.

Middleton Township

Margaret and Christopher Rusmisel to Tyler Weber, home on Smith Road; $199,000.

Esther Brockman to James Flowers, home on Richardson Street; $10,000.

New Waterford

Eugene Goldberg to Matthew Quetot, home on Sycamore Drive; $115,000.

Perry Township

Earl and Rebecca Tirey to Wayne and Elaine Wolfgang, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $155,000.


Donald Stamp Family Trust to Pollock Holdings, commercial property at 1108 Salem Parkway; $612,600.

Jacob Sell to Thomas and Linda Wise, home on Edgewood Drive; $140,000.

Salem Township

NEO Group 1 LLC to William Michaels and Janis Lamar, home and. 3.8 acres on Conkle Road; $106,500.


Leona and Mike Mathes to Huntington National Bank (foreclosure), home on Old Monroeville Road; $47,100.

Washington Township

Lonnie and Diane Barnes to Stephen and Melissa Sutton, home and 2.2 acres on Hazel Run Road; $35,000.

West Township

Lippincott Land to Ryan and Sara Lippincott, 1.5 acres on Sandy Creek Road; $3,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Venture Home Real Estate to Jason Carter, home and 1.5 acres on Oakdale Avenue; $122,000.