Property Transfers

Butler Township

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Nathan and Brooklyn Chestnut, home on Holmeswood Drive; $99,000.

Kathleen Monteleone to Allegheny Wesleyan College, property on Woodsdale Road; $6,000.

Center Township

Mary Krogness, trustee, to Sherman and Zachary Russell, property on Wayne Bridge Road; $42,000.


Kelly Alesi to Todd and Lori Hogan, trustees, home on West Park Avenue; $142,900.

308 Pittsburgh Street LLC to EPOC Properties, property on Blueberry Drive; gift.

Chelsea Macklin to Joshua and Megan Osborn, home on Metz Road; $166,000.

Gary Beagle to Wei Qing Tan and Chao Fan Pan, home on Pueblo Lane; $155,000.

East Liverpool

Beulah Seymour to Aaron Crow, home on Ephriam Street; $22,200.

Patricia Durbin to TLP Properties, home on McKinnon Avenue; $15,000.

Thomas Millward (county sheriff’s) to Diana Keyes, home on Lisbon Street; $18,000.

Fairfield Township

Marilyn McMasters to Philip and Megan McMasters, home on Old Fourteen Road; $113,167.

Franklin Township

Marilyn Wendt, et al, to Gregory and Bonnie Musgrave, home and 2.5 acres on Bethesda Road; $195,000.


Rebecca Heimmen to Steven and Regina Smith, home and 2.8 acres on Randel Road; $120,000.

Knox Township

Shad and Evelyn Berger to Madison Estock, home and 2.9 acres on Hartley Road; $145,000.

Liverpool Township

Bank of New York to Cynthia and Eugene Forrester, home at 2660 Lisbon St.; $11,277.

George Hall to Stephen Clevenger, et al, home on Armstrong Lane; $111,700.


Marybeth Straffon to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on North Beaver Street; $26,000.

Judy Crislip to Cecil Adams, manufactured home and property on Grandview Street; $45,000.

Middleton Township

Glenn and Lynn Kalcevic to Kyle Reeder, home on Molala Drive; $235,000.

Summer Bailey to Russell and Linda Murphy, manufactured home and 1 acres on Pioneer Road; $5,250.

New Waterford

Frederick and Cathryn Fink to Chad and Johna Hess, home on Sycamore Drive; $125,000.

Perry Township

Barbara Diamond to Charles Smith, et al, home on state Route 344; $148,000.


Bettijane Colian to Mike Grimstad, trustee, condominium on Ohio Avenue; $45,000.

Eric Whiting to Tori Timmann and Betty J. Milhoan, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $85,000.

Salem Township

John A. Herbert to His Way Farms, mineral rights to 22 acres on Industrial Road; $11,183.

John A. Herbert to His Way Farms, 52 acres on state Route 45; $260,670.

Andrew Grubbs to Richard and Melissa Boyd, home on Lodge Road; $87,000.

St. Clair Township

Michael Bowyer to Thomas and Amy Piatt, home on Orchard Lane; $163,000.

Bonnie Wolfe to NRZ REO VI-B LLC, home on Violet Place; $20,000.

Thomas Fisher to Troy and Amy Graft, home on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $25,000.

Unity Township

James and Frances Beer to Kevin Dickey, home and 1.2 acres on state Route 14; $84,400.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Tamanna and Mitul Mehta, home at 1327 Brookdale Ave.; $39,202.

William Foster, et al, Dean and Laney Blakley, 4 acres on Rauch Road; $20,000.


Jeremy Bahen to Misty and Gerald Burnett Jr., home on Clark Avenue; $79,000.

West Township

Paul Geiselman to Danny and Diana Stowe, 10 acres on Stump Road; $65,000.