Columbiana County Property Transfers


Michael J. Conway to Robert W. Brockhouse Jr., home on Homestead; $450,000.

Dora Wilson to Gosney Homes LLC, commercial vacant land and detached retail stores on East Park Avenue; $65,000.

Gerald or Colleen Savors to BF LMTD Partnership LLC, grain or general farmland on Pancake Clarkson Road; $156,623.

Dale E. Wenger to Yankee Holdings Ltd, home on Union Street; $55,000.

East Liverpool

Fred or Denise Elbert to Harold Feezle and Davis Smith, home on Ohio Avenue (foreclosure); $8,100.

Vicki J. Heidel to Richard or Kathryn Palmer, home on Gilson Avenue; $108,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Shawn and Jessica Long, home on Garner Avenue; $31,800.

Bruce A. Tatgenhorst II to John Martin, home on Anderson Boulevard; $42,900.

East Palestine

Gladys or Jamie Whitehead to William or Linda Holly, home on Park Avenue; $81,600.

Amie L. Saunders to Lura Lyn Schwartz, condominium on Claybrook Drive; $162,000.

Doreen M. Kaz to Thomas William Figley, home Martin Street; $35,000.

Elkrun Township

Joseph or Barbara Horvath to Susan E. Kandray, 3.24 acres on Rollercoaster Road; $16,100.

Brian or Cynthia Wisbith to Andrew or Jacklyn Ryan, home on Low Road; $224,400.

Fairfield Township

James R. Morris to Tyler Morris, 17.8 acres of farm land on state Route 517 (foreclosure); $150,000.

William D. Skeens to Vincent E. Schultz, mobile home and garage on Crestview Road; $6,000.

David and Marilyn McMaster to Marilyn and Philip McMaster, home on Old Fourteen Road; $22,633.

Franklin Township

Alice E. Dangelo to James M. Scullion, home on Yellow Creek Church Road; $137,000.


Ronald C. Ingledue to Anthony Martin or Kayleena L. Smith, home on Plymouth Street; $96,000.

Knox Township

Tracy M. Hinkle to Ashley Mutchler, home on Kran-Elle Lane; $137,000.

Alliance Industrial Products to Soarsa East Alliance LLC, storage units on state Route 62; $815,000.

Brian or Lisa Smith to Dennis or Annette Postiy, home on Margaret Lane; $90,000.

Melvin and Robin Albrecht to Aaron or Kristi Rummel, home on Bandy Road; $156,000.


John S. McCullough II to Brian or Patricia Brown, home on West Washington Street; $20,000.

Liverpool Township

Edward or Paula Roberts to John or Amanda Morris, home on Park Place Avenue; $82,000.

Robert L. Doland to Emmy Stuchell, home on Myler Road; $84,900.

Marie S. Pike to Kenneth or Tonya Pittman, home on Lantern Street; $3,300.

Norman E. Butler Jr. to Tralynn Real Estate and Rentals Inc., three apartment units on Burrows Avenue; $89,900.

Madison Township

Marjorie D. Smith to Shaun M. Smith, mobile home on Y&O Road; $12,000.

Middleton Township

Perry and Donna Wilkes to Donald or Joann Hall, gift of mineral rights on Sprucevale Road; $500.

Paul F. Monte to Michael and Jonathan Philips, home on state Route 170; $62,500.

Perry Township

Tab Shaffer to William or Evelyn Smith, home on Plymouth Place.

Pete or Joy Whittemore to Jane Marie Mason, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $167,500.

Philip M. Shasteen to Joseph and Amy Jo Farago, home on Southridge Drive; $155,000.

Lorraine or Lee Pallo to Pete or Joy Whittemore, home on Old Coach Lane; $160,000.


Sharon K. Matthews to Jarrod Richter, home on Depot Street; $10,000.


Ronald or Deborah Miller to Christopher or Julie Sell, vacant land on Painter Road; $25,000.

Daniel J. Solmen to Nicholas or Amanda Baton, home on Newgarden Avenue; $16,000.

Richard or Sandra Cranmer to C. Ray Famiglia LLC, home on East Seventh Street; $22,000.

Faith Chapel Fellowship to Walnut Street Investments, church building on East Pershing Street; $195,000.

Mahlon and Betty Griffith to Lennie and Beth Ann Griffith, home on Fifth Street; $87,000.

Lennie and Beth Ann Griffith to Landon P. Heath, home one Fifth Street; $91,500.

Wesley J. Johnson to William Cowgill, home on Madison Avenue; $69,000.

Michelle D. Ruffner to Madison Revolving Trust, home on East Pershing Street (foreclosure); $26,000.

Salem Township

Roger or Brenda Higginbotham to David and Mary Myers, home on St. Jacob Logtown Road; $105,100.

Jason Nesselrotte to Quentin A. Freed, home on West Eighth Street; $60,000.

Guido P. Janneti Jr. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, home on Crestview Road (foreclosure); $56,000.

St. Clair Township

The John A. Yalenty Revocable Living Trust to Mark D. Rawson, home on Adkins Drive; $112,500.

Virginia M. Smith to Thomas D. Gray, home on state Route 267; $68,000.

Mary Komer and David Warren to Richard Davidson, garage on Grimms Bridge Road; $17,000.

Unity Township

William or Betsy Zentner to Robert Edward Bishop, home on Peace Valley Road; $162,500.

Michael and Jonathan Philips to Eric or Hawana Dennison, mobile home on Waterford Road; $59,500.

Wayne Township

Margaret or Donna Stavick to Margaret Stavick, agricultural vacant land on state Route 518; $170,000.

The Leanne S. Corbi trust to Jedidiah or Emily Coldwell, 20.22 acres of agricultural vacant land on Glasgow Road; $52,279.


Mike Provenzano to Charles Frazier or Eleanor Salter, home on Commerce Street; $68,500.

Yellow Creek Township

Kelly Townsend to Andrew or Monica Plunkett, home on Tenth Street Extension; $70,000.