Columbiana County Property Transfers


William and Diane Nichols to Robert and Mary Beach, condominium on Stonehaven Drive; $272,400.

Sam Baier to Melissa and Raymond Boyd Jr., home on Apache Lane; $207,500.

Vincent Tondy 2000 Living Trust to Donna Mazzola, home on Quincy Avenue; $125,400.

East Liverpool

Greg Mays and Amy Mellinger to Davenda LLC, home on St. Clair Avenue; $42,000.

Andrew Reese to Jeff Gallo, home on Huston Avenue; $17,000.

Linda Reeder to Laureen Baker, home on Riley Avenue; $20,000.

East Palestine

Thomas Figley to Dwayne Stuckey, home on East North Avenue; $92,500.

Fairfield Township

Jeff Hunter to Wells Fargo Bank, home on Firestone Avenue (foreclosure); $75,000.

Willow Springs Properties to East Ohio Properties, 4.2 acres on Lisbon-Columbiana Road; $42,470.

Knox Township

William Neopolitan to William Ellesin, home on Case Road; $126,000.

Brian Dickerhoof, trustee, to Christopher and Amanda Pinkerton, home and 2.8 acres on Mahoning Avenue; $126,500.

Liverpool Township

Edward and Dorothy Roberts to Cody Jackson, home on Kountz Avenue; $18,000.

Ryan and Sarah Little to Jacob Miller, home on Brighton Avenue; $71,500.

Madison Township

Charles and Nancy Rayl to Matt and Christina Kimble, manufactured home and 11.5 acres on Buzzard Road; $131,000.

Sherry and Lois Scheidle to Jonathan and Allison Kazee, 0.4 acre on Township Line Road; $1,500.

Middleton Township

Mary Shaw, et al, to Dan Jones, home on state Route 154; $100,000.

New Waterford

Hempar Associates to ELMAC Properties, post office property on West Main Street; $81,225.

Perry Township

Scott and Michelle Thomas to Joseph Wilcox, et al, home on Cider Mill Road; $250,000.


Peggy Zimmerman to to Ariel Property Management, condominium on Lincoln Avenue South; $34,000.

Edward Mitchell to Gregory Stoll, home on East Fourth Street; $70,000.

Nancy and Clark Baker Jr. to Brandon Boyle, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $122,000.

Florence Tice, trustee, to Beverly Davis, home on Hawley Avenue; $83,500.

Tom Wolski Family Trust to Empire Property Management, home on Bank Street; $15,000.

Charles and Kathleen Presley to 460 East State Street LLC, home on East State Street; $175,000.

Jeff Barton to Barbara Saunier, home on Oak Street; $97,000.

St. Clair Township

Ruth Carter to Tyler Palmer, home on state Route 267; $70,000.

Mary Thompson to Alvin and Pamela Talkington, condominium on Eagle Drive; $155,000.

Jean Sitarik to James and Penny Pike, home on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $185,000.

Unity Township

Mark Smail to Cedric and Lisa Hays, home on state Route 14; $85,000.

Dorothy Lemley to James and Luann Falkowski, home on Howell Avenue; $55,250.

Wayne Township

Ken-Em Family Living Trust to Gary and Eric Haralson, 10 acres on Hull Road; $55,500.

West Township

Begue Family Trust to Mike and Valerie Pachmayer, home and 29 acres on Lynchburg Road; $130,000.

Caryl Thompson to Matt and Rebecca Garner, home on West School Street; $120,407.