Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Trina Hively to Tom and Charity Moran, home on Buck Road; $85,000.

Tiffany Yost to Corey Bamdrowski, home on Ridge Road; $105,000.

Center Township

Rebecca and Paul Peppel to Kyle Peppel, home and 11.8 acres on Churchill Road; $250,000.


Richard Ramirez to Stone Financing LLC, home on Aberdeen Court; $490,000.

East Liverpool

Kimberly Mineard to Edward and Ada Allison, home on Cora Street; $55,000.

Brent Bosco to Justin and Brittiny Stanley, home on Park Way; $47,500.

Denise Backus, et al,to Randy Smith Jr., home on Morton Street; $15,500.

Frank and Gloria Manypenny to Tammy Rush, home on Vine Street; $39,900.

Dale Carnes to Carrington Mortgage Services, home on Etruria Street; $27,360.

Kohler Family Revocable Living Trust to Paul and Lacey Hayward, home at 1908 Michigan Ave.; $68,000.

Linda Kittridge to Boardwalk Realty Investment Group, home on Louise Street; $1,500.

Tim and Jessica Gault to RECA Limited Partnership, home on Baxter Street; $1,334.

East Palestine

Steven and Rachel Willis to Roxanne Milnes, home on Bacon Avenue; $102,500.

Gerald Smith to Neko Figley, home on Bacon Avenue; $75,000.

Frederick and Travis Biscella to David Hostetter, property on Liberty Street; $3,000.

Fairfield Township

Dale Sisler to Zachary Yoho, et al, home and 8 acres on Kelly Park Road; $210,000.

John and Mary Channell to Corey and Abby Hill, home on Fairfield School Road; $165,000.

Nicholas Puckett to Evan and Stephanie Fraley, 4.6 acres on Redtail Drive; $40,000.

Tyler and Sara Dickey to Steve Nusser Jr., home and 2.5 acres on Metz Road; $210,500.

Hanover Township

Bryan Hiler to Kristen Jones, et al, home and 5.4 acres on McAllister Road; $219,500.

William Hall to William Grubbs, home on Wooddale Drive; $54,000.

Knox Township

Anthony and Michele Pasco to Anthony Pasco, home and 5 acres on Knox School Road; $65,000.

Todd McDaniel to Katherine and William Donato, home on Hartley Road; $230,000

Mark Hilton to Brenna Felgar and Taylor Eshelma, home on Mountz Road; $110,000.

Greggory and Mary Burnett to Christopher and Mallory Price, home and 1.8 acres on Bandy Road; $285,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Rocco Ghezzi II, home at 22669 Buck Road; $130,000.

Liverpool Township

Betty Caudill to Huntington National Bank, home on Armstrong Lane; $45,000.

Gloria Flaherty to Andrew Moore, property on Shadyside Avenue; $4,000.

Middleton Township

Matt Bowers to James Bowers Jr., 49 acres on Pine Hollow Road; gift.

Roger and Tammy Bryer to Zachary and Haylee Cramer, home on Allegheny Trail; $130,000.

Kenneth and Patricia Sewald to Mark Landsberger, 0.7 acre lot on Iroquois Trail; $48,000.

Perry Township

William and Benjamin Batton to James Little, home on Jones Drive; $62,000.

David and Marilyn Middleton to Richard Kimble, home on Beechwood Road; $118,000.

Jack Hile and Vickie McElhaney to Jamie Hile, home on Highland Avenue; $207,000.

Debra and Larry Clegg Jr. to Tyler Simms, home on Andrew Ave.; $92,500.

Steven and Minda Kisner to Marianna and Bradley Schmul, home on Elberon Avenue; $49,500.


Timothy and Merry Kenreigh to Joshua Post, home on Robin Avenue; $67,000.

Richard Metts to Kenneth and Annette Banet, home on Highland Avenue; $145,000.

Eldwood and Alice Stone to Lisa Ann Bezon Trust, condominium on Superior Avenue’ $116,500.

Lee Fu Nen, M.D., Family Limited Partnership to 1111 Boardman-Canfield Road LLC, doctor’s office on Southeast Boulevard; $90,000.

John Seligman to John and Suzanne Taylor, home on East Third Street; $15,000.

Theresa Shasteen to Kenneth and Sherry Sox, residential vacant land on West Perry Street; $8,000.

John Carriello and Cythina Hanson to Union Properties, home on Oak Street; $58,500.

Katherine Eckman to Citigmortgage, home on South Howard Street; $22,000.

Custom Comfort Systems to John Cosgrove, home at 2394 Kennedy Drive; $142,000.


Ursala Gossman to Adam and Sarah Pitts, home on McKinley Avenue; $58,000.

St. Clair Township

Christopher Britt to Kevan and Rhonda Wain, home on Huston Road; $171,500.

Tad Motors Inc. to CBEH LLC, commercial property (Power GM’s former location) on state Route 170; $1.1 million.

Unity Township

Barbara Reese to James and Donna Cox, home on Beard Road; $117,000.


Margaret and Jeff Lloyd to Terrance Florek, home on Main Street; $15,000.

West Township

Dale Lowmiller, etc, to Brett and Shannon Lowmiller, 2.1 acres on state Route 172; $1,100.

Douglas and Joanne Simmons to Susan and Craig Deetz, home on Circle Drive; $163,900.

Michael Jackson to Ted Turner, 4.2 acres on Egypt Road; $30,400.