Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

WBT Land to Carlton Cope, home and 79 acres at 4433 Depot Road; $671,500.

Mike and Dawn Conny to Conny Farms, 261 acres on Hartley Road and 12th Street; $2.62 million.

Center Township

Elsie Landsberger estate to Tim and Lindsey Toot, home on Lisbon Road; $152,500.


Susan Noel to Scott Anderson, home on North Pearl Street; $77,000.

Mike Serroka to RIM Properties, home on East Woodland Avenue;

Tan Ver Development to Clear Path Holdings, 0.4 acres on Juniper Drive; $32,000.

County Sheriff (Brandy Rosa) to Suntrust Mortgage, home on Hawkins Lane; $135,000.

Dale Wenger to Yankee Holdings, triplex on East Park Avenue; $75,000.

Dale Wenger to Yankee Holdings, duplex on South Cross Street; $50,000.

East Liverpool

Tim and Lynette Martin to Jacob Lucas and Jessica Hasson, home on Henry Avenue; $80,000.

Leslie and Mary Crosier to Carrie Johnson, home on McKinnon Avenue; $59,900.

Harbour Portfolio VIII to LAR Capital, home at 933 May St.; $596.

Charlene Garner to Janis McCartney, et al, home on Montgomery Avenue; $65,900.

East Palestine

County Sheriff (Carol Foy) to Flipp’N B Investments, home on Kenmar Street; $77,000.

Fairfield Township

Patricia Kerchofer to Stephen and Taralyn Anderson, home on Fairfield School Road; $30,000.

Jason Altomare to Jordan Stoddard, home on Briarwood Lane; $180,000.

Jedidiah and Diane Campbell to Christopher Martin, et al, home on Fairfield School Road; $160,000.

Hanover Township

Jeff and Donna Miller to Craig and Nanette Young, home on Camp Boulevard; $205,000.

Donna Burnham to Ricky Wheatley, 0.7 acres on Haessley Road; $15,000.

County Sheriff (Dean and Carol Moore) to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, house trailer and 1.3 acres on Buffalo Road; $24,000.

Brandon and Erin Mango to Lynette Sell, home and 5 acres on Teegarden Road; $145,000.

James and Norma Moats to Mitchell McGuire, home on Haessly Road; $48,950.

Andy Charnesky, et al, to Christian Barth, home on Lakeview Road: $3,000.

Ryan and Emily Kellison to Troy and Shawna Royea, home on state Route 9; $159,000.

Knox Township

Conny Farms to Mike and Dawn Conny, 190 acres and farm buildings on Georgetown-Damascus Road; $1.32 million.

Ray Stoffer, et al, to Ray Stoffer, et al, partial interest in home and property on Georgetown Road;$60,000.

Ronald and Connie Albright to Smithvale Properties, 7 acres on Buck Road; $34,875.


Ted Fischer to Shelly Logan, home on East Chestnut Street; $17,000.

Liverpool Township

Huntington National Bank to Sheila Martin, home at 2302 Lisbon St.; $16,500.

Middleton Township

Debra and Raymond Babik Jr. Family Trust to Ernest Graff and Alesha Dawn, home and property on Sprucevale Road; $400,000.

Debra and Raymond Babik Jr. Family Trust to Ernest Graff and Alesha Dawn, property on Sprucevale Road; $10,000.

James and Beverly Bean to Shawn and Raeanne Milner, home on Dyke Road; $157,500.


Mark and Sherri Slocum to Jerry Fisher III and Kaylee Clutter, home on South Union Avenue; $64,600.

Greenheart Companies to James and Katherine Panescon, home on Orchard Bend Drive; $236,837.

Tim Myers to Renee Zody, home on Southeast Boulevard; $94,900.

Richard Jones Jr. to Mark Panezott, home on School Street; $79,837.

Russell and Leatrice Hute to Mike Lehman and Heidi Lohr, home on Fourth Street; $42,500.

Martha Manis to Ryan Weikart and Lorianne Engle, home on Cleveland Street; $83,000.

Rennis and Barbara Smith to Eric and Dee Dee Carpenter, home on Hickory Lane; $155,000.

Richard Gurlea to DSG Rentals, duplex on Hawley Avenue; $20,500.

Thurma Phillis to Jeff Gorby, home on West Wilson Street; $62,500.


East Ohio Properties to Eric Smith, apartments at 17 Lincoln St.; $84,150.

St. Clair Township

Andrea Thrasher to Larry Lockhart, home on Kelly Avenue; $95,000.

Richard Arnold to Vincent Gromley to Kelsey Leipp, home on Stagecoach Road; $76,000.

St. Clair Avenue Church of Christ to Rick Robinson, home at 16513 Cannons Mill Road; $24,000.

Kathleen Wolfe to John and Kimberly White home on Glenn Street; $25,000.

Unity Township

U.S. Department of HUD to Christopher and Erica Harn, home and 1.7 acres at 2267 state Route 170; $101,500.

West Township

James and Virginia Ward to Jarrod Patterson, home on Lion Lane; $340,000.

Cory Boosz to Cody Cox, home on Coldale Road; $139,000.

U.S. Bank to Joseph and Kimberly Shipbaugh, house trailer and property at 25984 Ridge Road; $45,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Denice Urick to Richard Fry, 1.7 acres on state Route 45; $7,500.