Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Cody Maye to Mark Pyles, home and 1.6 acres on Hartley Road; $270,000.

County Sheriff to Sevakeen Country Club (foreclosure), home at 29655 Buck Road; $20,000.

Center Township

Lucille Possage to John and Gina Bettis, 105 acres on Endley Road and state Route 164: $457,936.

Lucille Possage to Michael Miday Jr., parcels on state Route 164, Brown Street, Wheeling Avenue and Bluff Alley; $330.

Mark and Arlene Gamble to Bonnie and Robert Narehood Jr., manufactured home on Hilltop Drive; $48,000.


Shawn and Lindsey Sprouse to Ryan Pike, home on East Park Avenue; $159,500.

Kirby Zellers to Chad and Vanessa Gazzaniga, home on Kingwood Avenue; $218,000.

Jennifer and Richard Bryan to Kenneth Engel, home on Court Street; $85,000.

Tan Ver Development to Dibo Construction, 1 acre on Juniper Drive; $36,000.

East Liverpool

Kaja Holdings to Donald Lamp, home at 1575 Holliday St.; $7,315.

Dozier Management to David McKinnon, home at 812 Dresden Ave.; $27,500.

East Palestine

Paul Cope to William and Janet Vanzin, 1 acre on Concord Drive; $32,000.

Elkrun Township

Charles Grubbs Trust to Cody Shamp, home and 2.7 acres on state Route 517; $58,000.

Hanover Township

David Smith Trust to Russell Kiko Trust, 26 acres on state Route 644; $66,250.


Stor Y’R Stuff LLC to Timothy and Holli Unkefer, home at 441 Sleepy Hollow Road; $120,000.

Barbara Hendricks to Tim Keen, condominium on Woods Boulevard; $99,500.


Dian and William Moore III to Beverly Clingerman, home on East High Street; $132,400.

Gloria Hart to Carol Smith, home on West High Street; $92,000.

Gary and Susan Blythe to Jason and Nellie Tucker, home on Lee Avenue; $30,000.

Caroline Sobek to Qualitas Properties (foreclosure), home on West Washington Street; $26,950.

Liverpool Township

Debra Wolfe and James Buckley to Aaron Bunfill, home on Broadview Circle; $106,000.

Anna Jimison to Shawn and Amber Quarterman, home on Irish Ridge Road; $75,000.

Middleton Township

David and Alissa Nixon to Thomas and Carolyn Barrage, home on Tomahawk Drive; $475,000.

James and Angella Stratton to Christopher and Milissa Bouchillon, home and 22 acres on Union Ridge Road; $270,000.

Perry Township

Mary Price to Willam Bonacker and Kell Mondora, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $55,000.

James and Katherine Panescon to Gregory and Amy Arcuri, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $185,000.

William and Janet Moore to Patrick Smith, home on Bethel Drive; $100,000.


Richard Lutsch to Keith and Dianna Beaver, home on Westview Drive; $170,000.

Andrew and Tara Mashuda to Rocco and Ashley DiGennaro, home on Orchard Bend Drive; $174,500.

Stanley Fishback to David Bianco, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $160,000.

Vicki Marple to Christopher and Elizabeth Kadvan, home on Tanglewood Drive; $156,500.

Janice Lanterman to Clint Wern, home on East State Street; $75,000.

Salem Township

Dennis and Carolyn Falzetta to Kimberly Ellis and Pete Davis, home on Butcher Road; $84,500.

St. Clair Township

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Robert Beresford, home on Andrews Avenue; $3,750.

Dale and Crystal McGaffic to Jerry Mason, home on Stagecoach Road; $175,000.

Joseph and Kathryn Davis to Marcus and Samantha Collins, home on Lyman Drive; $174,000.

Washington Township

Scottie and Jessica Bragg to Bradlee Rohrer, et al, to home and 6.7 acres on Walnut Ridge Road; $175,000.

Wayne Township

Roger and Tracy Jones to Jerome Neville and Suzanne Steighner, home on Roses Run Road; $125,000.

West Township

Emily and Sarah Barnes to SW &/or KDW, home and 2.6 acres at 27122 Speidel Road; $240,000.

AMN Real Estate to Cypress Pond Holdings, commercial property (Barley’s Hiltop Orchard) on state Route 172; $330,000.