Columbiana County Property Transfers

Center Township

Robert Marshall to Joshua and Olha Kupka, 2.1 acres on state Route 172; $5,000.

Mortgage Equity Conversion to Justin and Olga Hickman, home on Steubenville Pike; $42,000.

Eleanor Salter and Charles Frazier to Bryant Nestor, home on state Route 45; $68,500.

Sean and Shonda Devine to Guillermo Herrera, home on Brookfield Avenue; $65,000.


Sally Kinney to Matt and Lisa Fullerton, vacant lots on Maple Drive; $7,000.

Dorothy Nixon to Wesley Bancroft, home on South Elm Street; $84,500.

John and Christine Oliver to Joseph and Mary Costanzo, 0.2 acres on West Southern Avenue; $21,000.

Shirley Fitzpatrick, trustee, to Craig and Linda Hildebrandt, home on Manor Drive; $212,500.

Tanver Development to David and Linda Silliman, 0.4 acres on Juniper Drive; $32,000.

Patricia Gallagher to Jet with Joy LLC, condominium on Springfield Road; $109,000.

East Liverpool

Sierra Mahley to Jennifer Detore, home on Louise Street; $83,000.

Lita Hutchison to Bonnie Buckley, home Anderson Boulevard; $43,000.

East Palestine

Mike and Jacklyn Hatley to Patrick Figley, home on Cyland Avenue; $120,000.

Benny Soldo to Eric and Lisa Pence, home on East Grant Street; $16,500.

SJA Investments to Paul and Ellen Hartman, home on Leake Street; $25,000.

Elkrun Township

Alvernia Barnes to Dan and Patricia Leverknight, 91 acres on state Route 517; $195,000.

Knox Township

Brian and Lee Rockwell to Andrew and Amy Estock, 2.8 acres on Buck Road; $18,000.

Denise and Edward Baddeley to Justin Woolf, home on Center Road; $149,000.

Robert Hahlen Trust to ALDV LLC, commercial structure and 2.6 acres on U.S. Route 62; $229,000.

The Huntington National Bank to Cori or Jeffrey Sands, home on Westville Lake Road; $65,810.


Mary A. Fox, et al, to Wells Fargo Bank (foreclosure sale), home on Walnut Street; $20,000.


Elizabeth Montgomery to Gregory Ebert and Marian Davidson, home on McKinley Street; $45,000.

Liverpool Township

Ricky Wolfe to Margaret Vojnovich, home on Andrews Street; $60,500.

Madison Township

Lucille Possage to Ryand Kasiaryna Hargreaves, 88 acres on Cusick Road; $301,239.

Roger and Sondra Walker to Tim Plunkett, property on state Route 518; $3,000.

Middleton Township

Debra Burch to William and Ada Weaver, house trailer and 10 acres on state Route 154: $39,000.


Angela Hampson to Robert and Amy Trummer, home on East Pershing Street; $17,500.

William and Linda Hill to Janel Fitzgerald, home on East Third Street; $148,500.

Richard Paxson to Daniel Obryant, home on Prospect Street; $50,000.

Lance Griffith to Paul Wagner III, home on West Sixth Street; $70,000.

St. Clair Township

Darin Hayduk to Joseph and Karen Downard, manufactured home and property on Duke Road; $105,000.

David and Margaret Myers to Nicole Conkle, home on Pineview Place; $155,000.

Bryan Linkous to Gerald Bartlett III and Amy Leonard, home on Maple Lane; $118,500.

Karen or John Speziale to Paula J. Roberts, home on Lori Lane; $157,000.

Unity Township

Tina Jurjavcic to Shane and Roxanne Jurjavcic, home and 2 acres on Latta Road; $120,000.


Castlerock 2017 to Mike Merriman, home at 327 First St.; $8,200.