Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Judith Herron to Kirk and Tiffany Bardo, home and 2 acres on Hartley Road; $160,000.

Hidden Creek of Route 62 to Ronald and Deborah Miller, 1.5 acres on Woodside Drive; $35,900.

Center Township

Trifera LLC to Atlantica LLC, home at 8336 Pritchard Ave.; $56,900.

Atlantica LLC to Mike and Ruthann Sanor, home at 8336 Pritchard Ave.; $26,350.


Park Place Investments to Donovan Roessler, home on South Main Street; $79,500.

East Liverpool

Cynthia Hyatt to Jared and Samantha Kinemond, home on Park Boulevard; $142,000.

Carol Shaw to Gretchen Grove, home on Smithfield Street; $25,000.

Chad and Rhonda Hilliard to Sara Toomey, home on Fairmont Street; $102,000.

Connie Kidder to David Albaneso, home on Sherwood Avenue; $13,000.

Aaron Stevens to Melissa Skaggs, lot on Florence Street; $500.

Tim and Connie Spiroff to Keyonna Falkner and Patrick Murphy, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $89,900.

Wesley and Majorie McCune to Thomas Clark, property on Dresden Avenue; $500.

Fairfield Township

H. Belden Ham, trustee, to Wilbur and Grace Steiner, home and property on Miller Road; $460,000.

County Sheriff (Mark and Jody Rudebock) to Jenna Dailey, home on Crestview Road; $95,000.


Deborah McClain to John Cannon, home on Columbia Street; $30,000.


GFL Development to Levy Family Trust, property on North Market Street (Akron Children Hospital); $1.27 million.

Knox Township

Joshua and Johanna Pizor to Amanda Paternite and Ryan Ghezzi, home on Abbey Lane; $210,000.

Lee and Mike Wade to William and Jennifer Roberts, home and 15 acres on Hartley Road; $539,900.

Madison Township

Donald McBee to David Ammon, destroyed manufactured home and 2.2 acres on Cannons Mill Road; $20,000.

Middleton Township

Mark and Catherine Weber to Larry and Karen Hess, home on Tomahawk Drive; $350,000.

Perry Township

Sue Lease, trustee, to Douglas Garloch, home and 12.5 acres on Stewart Road; $240,000.


Carl Foraker to Willia Rohl, home on Edgewood Drive; $10,000.

Salem Township

Eva and Herman Fugatt to Robert Hendricks, trustee, home and 12 acres on Grafton Road; $200,000.

St. Clair Township

Connie Pugh to Clinton Barnhart, home on McDonald Street; $180,000.

Robert and Nancy Dunn to Mike Pusateri Excavating, home on St. Clair Avenue; $155,000.

Unity Township

County Sheriff (Myron Domke Jr.) to Wells Fargo Bank, house trailer and 0.7 acres on Beard Road; $50,000.

Beverly Batchelor, et al, to Samuel Weingart, home and 3 acres on state Route 46; $167,000.

Maryann Lindner to Craig A. Brown, property on Pleasant Drive; $19,500.