Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

MMC Investment Properties to Russell Kiko, home at 2545 Slater Road; $90,000.

Center Township

Keith and Susan Crowell to Jon Crowell, home on state Route 517; $112,500.

Lenn Conkle to John and Sandra Gardner, 2.6 acres on Lisbon Road; $8,000.

Mike and Kimberly Kelleher to Lisa Peruchetti, home on U.S. Route 30; $68,000.


Richard Graft to Jodi Burbick, home on North Middle Street; $81,500.

Nancy Plecas to John and Christine Oliver, vacant land on Southern Avenue; $1,000.

Jennifer Sloan to Abby and Kenneth Biddle, home on North Vine Street; $238,700.

East Liverpool

Thomas Rice to James and Amber Maxwell, home on St. George Street; $8,000.

Michael Tomolonis to Sharon Robida, home on Elson Street; $73,000.

Bryan and Heather Brown to David Williams, home on Globe Street; $75,000.

CR 2018 LLC to Brian Ours, home at 1460 Ceramic St.; $22,090.

James Hill to Tyrone David, vacant property on Ninth Street; $700.

East Palestine

Dawn Whitten and Danny Thompson to Anastacia and Richard Beight II, home on Malibu Drive; $205,000.

Gary and Charon Rolinson to Ashley Murphy. home on North Avenue; $68,000.

Charles Early to Bradly Mallo and Emily Carnes, home on South Main Street; $55,000.

Fairfield Township

Robert Biscella to Scott and Brittany Wilson, manufactured home and 1.6 acres on Unity Line Road; $25,000.

Four M Investments to Juggernaut Inc., residential structure at 1319 Columbiana-Lisbon Road; $30,000.

Lorraine Shaughnessy Living Trust to Chase Brown, home on state Route 164; $155,000.

TDB #2 LLC to Kelly Craft, home at 1951 Woodland Drive; $104,720.

Hanover Township

Stanley Barefield to Laurie Springer, home on Lakeview Road; $190,000.


Jason and Amy Frantz to Jay and Susan Mullen, home on Harrison Street; $49,500.

Liverpool Township

Raymond and Edward Beaver Jr. to Raymond Beaver, home on Anderson Boulevard; $26,450.

Alonzo and Kathy Richard to Alonzo Richard, home on Lacroft Avenue; $17,850.

O. Michael Smith to Sean Herman, home on Hoffman Court; $108,000.

Madison Township

David and Dawn Johnston to Kyle Merriman, home on Glasgow Road; $168,000.

Lance and Elizabeth Weston to Jasen and Joy Havens, 6.1 acres on Alderlick Road; $35,000.

Middleton Township

Greg and Karen Meisel to Scott and Janet Myers, 33.5 acres on Jackman Road; $106,000.

Knox Township

Equity Trust Co. to Whitley Murphy, home at 4748 Bayard Road; $70,000.

HSBC Bank to Mark and Sarah Higinbotham, home at 27790 Buck Road; $35,500.

Donna and Daniel Qualk II to Robert Hardy, home on Northshore Drive; $95,000.

Alan and Catherine Demuth, home on South Street; $134,900.

Perry Township

Bert and Julia Sheely to Kenneth Ivie, home and 3.6 acres on Georgetown Road; $205,000.

Daniel and Joyce Palmer to Cassandra and Gary Eichler Jr., home on North Lincoln Avenue; $162,500.

Bruce and Charlotte Capel to YBS Real Estate, 1 acre on Benton Road; $18,900.

Paulette Cook estate to Jeffrey and Heather Holenchick, home on Garfield Avenue; $85,000.

James Miller to Troy and Diane Lentz, home on Prospect Street; $133,000.

Teresa Stratton to William and Michele Greenamyer, home on Stewart Road; $60,500.

Alicia Wells to John Howells, home on Depot Road; $92,000.


Dorothy Sell to Carl Miller, home on Roosevelt Avenue; $80,000.

Linda Cross to Austin Smith, home on East Sixth Street; $73,500.

Duane Barton to Michael Cyphert, home on Summit Street; $72,000.

Traci Brooks to Joyce Harris, home on Fairview Avenue; $149,900.

Yankee Holdings to Dustin and Erin Willgohs, home on Pearce Circle; $239,500.

U.S. Bank National Association to David and Melissa Plummer, home on Bentley Drive; $56,175.

Jeff Biery to Suse Stitle, trustee, 1.3 acres on Shady Lane; $25,000.

Patricia Sciaretta, et al, to Loretta Phsniak, partial interest in home on West Fourth Street; $5,900.

St. Clair Township

Roderick and Violet Mays to Charles Tarnovich, home on Samuel Street; $60,000.

Unity Township

Monica and Edward Brodigan Jr. to Brenda and Donna Covert, home and 2.6 acres on Lindaway Lane; $245,000.

Patricia Phillips to Ronald and Lora Kost, manufactured home on state Route 14; $12,000.

Randolph Jordan to Michael Zelenak, home on North Market Street; $116,000.

Kathryn Duncan to Delmar and Patricia Werner, partial interest in 36 acres on Howell Road; $45,900.


Amy Trummer to Travis Trummer, home on Union Street; $2,500.


Dennis Baker to James Weatherby, home on Main Street; $7,000.

Deborah Burcham to Matt and Elissa Lockhart, home on Appian Way; $5,000.

West Township

County Sheriff (Walter and Darlene Rohrer) to U.S. Bank, house trailer on Ridge Road; $20,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Shelley and Elizabeth Robers to Annette Ice, manufactured home on state Route 39; $25,000.