Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Lydia Coblentz to Daniel White, home on Georgetown Road; $139,000.

Hidden Creek of Route 62 to M & M Homes, 1.4 acres on Woodsend Drive; $31,500.

Center Township

John and Beverly Yaggi to Richard and Dawn Dunn, home and 8.5 acres on Steubenville Pike; $86,750.

Larry Kessler to Kurt and Lisa Kessler, on state Route 164; $54,000.

East Liverpool

Linda Beverly to Charles and Kerri Barnes, vacant property on Calhoun Street; $200.

Judith Kidder Jr., et al, to Judith, Michael and William Kidder Jr., home on Etruria Street; $22,500.

Eugene Arnold to James Dailey, property on Fawcett Street; $1,000.

East Palestine

Mary Bastia to Drew Huff, home Thomas Street; $33,500.

Garrett & Severs Co. to RBS Acquisitions, home at 92 Clark St.; $150,000.

Fairfield Township

Guthrie Gordon to Erin and Adam Coppock, 12 acres of farm land on Kelly Park Road; $116,500.

John and Melissa Bloor to Donald Wilcome, home on Applesway Drive; $180,000.

Douglas Sturgell to Darrin Sturgell, home on Sponseller Road; $35,200.

Dorothy Moser to Jeff and Cindy Peddicord, home on Crestview Road; $40,000.

Hanover Township

Dan Wittenmyer to Johnathan and Melissa Bloor, home on Ridge Place; $255,000.

Ted and Carolyn Marroulis to Jason and Laura Paxson, 8.3 acres on Whinnery Road; $85,000

Knox Township

Ricky and Cynthia Howells to Martha Richards, home on North Shore Drive; $67,500.


U.S. Bank National Association to Kaleigh Hilton, home at 170 Bears Den Road; $48,960.

Liverpool Township

Thomas and Louanne Edgell to David Brown, home on Andrews Street; $55,000.

Middleton Township

Sandra Feezle to Ronald Huff, home on Commerce Street; $28,900.

Sylvia and Charles Fawcett III to Brictop Management, home on Tomahawk Drive; $130,000.

Brian and Tammy Heaton to Marcus Calhoun and Lacey Brothers, property on Tomahawk Drive; $2,300.

Perry Township

Talmer Bank & Trust to Jordan Dickey, home at 1236 N. Lincoln Ave.; $35,000.

Davidson Family Enterprises to Steven and Marlene Floor, vacant property on U.S. Route 62; $1,000.


Valerie Bates to Richard and Katelyn Southall, home on Wilson Street; $73,500.

Wilda Pasco to Richard Demeo, home on Cedar Street; $52,700.

St. Clair Township

Betty Caudill to Thomas Busby, home on Longs Church Road; $133,500.

Caryle and Jean Buck to Dennis and Dedra Ours, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $175,000.

Kenneth and Linda Devore to Scott Barrett, property with structure on Stuart Road; $10,000.

Unity Township

Henry Watson to Ruth Shasteen, home and 3 acres on Hatcher Road; $58,500.


County Sheriff (Jarrod and Marjorie Grimm) to Bayview Loan Servicing, home on Commerce Street; $20,000.

Helen Gray to Shawn Carter, home on Chester Avenue; $37,800.

Randall and Kathryn Frampton to Mark Johnson and Suprapti Rahayuni, home on Commerce Street; $45,500.

Yellow Creek Township

Woodrow Properties to Julie Rodgers, home and 3.8 acres at 18830 Fife Coal Road; $125,000.