Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Let Me Think LLC to James and Lori Baker, home at 28771 Winona Road; $168,000.

Mark and Tiffany Burns to Hidden Creek of Route 62, 1.5 acres on Woodsend Drive; $26,000.

Center Township

R & D Innovations to Patrick Mason, home and 2.8 acres on Trinity Church Road; $97,000.

Emma Gentry to Joseph and Denis Swabey, home on Grant Street; $2,500.

Joseph and Ruth Keller to Stephen and Beth Keller, home and 6 acres on Miller Road; $150,000.

J. Martin and Elisabeth Sayer to Stephen Keller and Beth Peterson, 11.9 acres on Miller Road; $1,200.


Brian Yacovone to Wayne Witmer, home on West Park Avenue; $117,500.

Tan Ver Development to DIBO Construction, 1 acre on Juniper Drive; $34,000.

Tan Ver Development to Ciardi Co., 05 acre on Juniper Drive; $30,000.

Tracy Swinehart to Daniel Bonish, home on Fairfield School Road; $33,000.

East Palestine

DGCP Holdings to Christopher McDonagh, home at 244 South St.; $69,500.

Todd Shafer to Mike Schnelle, home on West North Avenue; $66,000.

East Liverpool

Mike Savors to Kenneth Boso, home on Kent Street; $13,600.

Max Smith to Donn Cook, home on Avondale Street; $5,800.

Darlene Strawn to CDES Enterprises, home on Boyce Street; $5,000.

Carrie Burns to John Cramer, home on St. George Street; $10,000.

J & B Rental Properties to Britney Page, home at 418 College St.; $20,484.

Travis and Shannon Weaver (foreclosure) to Huntington National Bank, home on Mayberry Lane; $80,000.

Elkrun Township

Farmers National Bank to Benjamin Boyd, house trailer and 2 acres at 9780 Elkton Road; $35,000.

Fairfield Township

Nickolas George to Laura Bokanovich, home on state Route 164; $125,000.

Charles Beiling, trustee, to Douglas and Carolyn Nybell, trustees, 10 acres on Bunker Hill Road; $30,000.

Charlet Smith to Daniel Piper Jr., house trailer and 3 acres on Signal Road; $15,000.

Franklin Township

Bill and Maria Schlabach to Raymond Howdershelt and Jean Hill, home and 5 acres on Hull Road; $72,000.

Hanover Township

Howard Hickman Jr. to Venus Raffle, home on Baker Road; $165,000.

Bryan and Natalie Hiler to Bryan Hiler, home and 5.4 acres on McAllister Road; $92,500.

Gary and Cassandra Eichler to Sherry Croyle, home on Camp Boulevard; $90,000.

Knox Township

John and Suzanne Berger to Travis Johnson, home and 1 acre on Rochester Road; $175,000.

Gregory Novak to Moses and Angela McIntosh, home on Laura Avenue; $143,500.


Loretta Marshalek to David Mullaney, home on Sunset Drive; gift.

Liverpool Township

Sunil and Rekha Parulkar to Stacey and Lawrence Yoho, home and 1.5 acres on Dairy Lane; $220,000.

Madison Township

Jeff Fellouzis to Tim LaClair, home and 1 acre on East Liverpool Road; $120,000.

Middleton Township

Bryan and Tammy Dillon to James Zeiler, home and 2 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $55,000.

Perry Township

Betty Snyder estate to Karen Short, home on Pine Lake Road; $20,000.

Paul Myers to Jonathan Campbell, 0.78 acres on Cunningham Road; $10,000.

Kim and Kenneth Double Jr. to Cory Herrington, home and 1.7 acres on West State Street; $100,000.

Dennis Schnader to Nancy Milhoan, home on Allen Drive; $130,000.


Union Properties to Jonathan Archer and Faith McGuire, home at 890 Jennings Ave.; $104,000.

Cheryl Siddle to Justic and Erica Fenton, home on Oak Street; $68,000.

Adam Tittle to McCloud Drohn Jr., home on Madison Avenue; $78,000.

Jeff Biery to James and Lorrie Armeni, 1.2 acres on Shady Lane; $25,000.

Ramon and Twila Lora to Kenneth and Amy Phillips, home on Whinnery Road; $113,000.

Fred and Susan Penske to Fastener Solutions OHPM, warehouse and office building on Quaker Circle; $250,000.

B-B Rooners Inc. to Rodis Group, restaurant on East State Street; $177,300.

JP Morgan Mortgage Solutions to Kathy Harroff, home at 664 S. Union Ave.; $33,300.

Mindy Batton to Gary Houdyshell, home on Southeast Boulevard; $174,000.

Keith and Laura Ripley to Jeremy Felten, et al, home on Sharp Avenue; $63,900.


Jordan Cherry to Brian Jackson, home on Lincoln Street Extension; $88,000.

Nathan and Janis Rowley to Amanda Hulett, home on Foundry Hill Road; $57,000.

St. Clair Township

Randy and April Savors to Ronald Ammon Jr., used car lot on East Liverpool Road; $60,000.

Robert Guy Jr. and Teresa Ludwig, estate executors, to Robert Guy Jr., residential property with a structure on Carroll Road; $9,200.

Gladys Holt to Justin and Peggy Bouscher, 2.5 acres on Parkview Drive; $27,000.


Antonio Colella to Melissa Dezell, home on Maple Avenue; $45,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Castlerock 2017 LLC, home at 327 First St.; $6,650.

West Township

Frederick and Carolyn Bays to William and Kimberly Taylor, 1 acre on Melissa Lane; $10,000.

David and Judy Miller to Stephen Schrock, home and 10 acres on West Egypt Street; $178,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Sandra Baker to Jeremiah and Michelle Cole, home on state Route 39; $100,000.

Jon and Donna Yergin to Deutsche Bank, home on Hillcrest Road; $10,000.