Tuition Mission Foundation announces tuition awards

EAST LIVERPOOL — The Tuition Mission Foundation (TMF) has announced its tuition awards for the 2019-2020 academic year. Since 1962, TMF has served college-bound students in seven school districts in western Pennsylvania (Midland, South Side and Western Beaver), eastern Ohio (Beaver Local, East Liverpool and Wellsville) and northern West Virginia (Oak Glen).

The TMF awards committee voted to make tuition awards totaling $376,800 to 62 students at seven area school districts. The top award is $7,000/student, with most recipients getting this top amount. This is a 17 percent increase from the 2018-2019 top award, which was $6,000/student.

“Our sole criterion is financial need. College is expensive for everyone, and our tuition awards help to significantly reduce the financial pain,” explains TMF vice-president Catherine S. Vodrey.

For the 2018-2019 academic year — the most recent year for which complete figures are available — the average public, in-state charge for tuition and fees was $9,716. By contrast, a private college charged $35,676 for the same academic year. This means that this year’s $7,000 top award can help TMF recipients address, on average, 72 percent of the cost of attending a public college and 20 percent of the cost of enrolling at a private institution.

TMF awards are available for any post-secondary education, from tech and mechanical training to college to graduate school. Though many recipients graduated from the high schools named for their districts, others were home-schooled or attended non-traditional or independent schools.

Recipients assert in writing, via the application and other forms, that they will fulfill their obligation to repay their interest-free awards once they’ve graduated or discontinued their education.

TMF has been making tuition awards to students in the area since 1963 (it was known as Dollars for Scholars from 1962 through 2013). Since 1963, TMF has awarded over almost 6,000 scholarships totaling over $6.9 million.

The 2019-2020 recipients are listed below, alphabetically by surname within each district or school. For the third year in a row, there were no applicants from the Western Beaver district. Learn more at TuitionMission.net.

Beaver Local — $ 100,400

Agnew, Jr., Michael William: Dr. P. Michael Moore; Alexander Kidd Memorial; Robert & Patricia Dray Memorial; Baseball Old Timers Association; Alma Glaser Jackson Memorial

Beck, Emily Denise: Franklin D. & Mary E. C. Sturgeon Memorial; Frederick M. Saltsman Memorial; William E. & Edith Bowen Dunlap Memorial; William H. & Anna Maxine Lewis Memorial; Charles Finley Memorial

Beck, Grace Ann: E. Schuyler & Mae Watson Webster Memorial; Arthur T. Doak; Florence C. Penn Memorial; Albert V. & Patricia B. Hays Memorial; Mary Waight Memorial

Ditri, Angelina Christina: John W. Boyd Memorial; Dorothy Smith Warrick Memorial; Grace Wooster Hamilton Memorial; Gerald F. & Louise V. Boyd Memorial; James W. & Elizabeth K. Batey Memorial

Elliott, Courtney Marie: Susan Beede Stephens Memorial; Bob & Betty Ash Memorial; Florence C. Penn Memorial; Maryhester McIntyre Erwine Memorial; Marie Alamonda Scheutz Hays Memorial

Grafton, Hayden Michael: H. Arthur Bellows, Jr. Memorial; David T. Mason Memorial; David Schondelmayer Memorial; William LeRoy Smith III & Virginia Purinton Smith Memorial; Herbert A. Smith & Margaret Lambing Smith Memorial

Harding, Alexia Jayne: Attorney William J. Davis; Dr. Norman Birnbaum Memorial; Malcolm L. Stenger Memorial; First Choice America Community Federal Credit Union; Harry D. McConville Memorial

Hilliard, Lauren Alexis: Joan Witt Memorial; J. Burchfield & Elizabeth K. Cartwright Memorial; Herschel & Elsa Rubin Memorial; Robert & Janet Beck Memorial; Gerald F. & Louise V. Boyd Memorial

Hilliard, Michael Chase: Joe & Judy Lawton; William Henry Vodrey III Memorial; U. S. Potters Association; Frank N. & Gertrude H. Richmond Memorial; Brenda M. Reed Memorial; John & Nevada I. Laitsch Memorial

McGown, Alivia Kathleen: Susan Beede Stephens Memorial; Anne I. Jackson & J. Fraser Jackson, MD Memorial; Heritage Thermal Services; Deborah Radzyniak Memorial; Dr. Jack & Jen Schoolnic Memorial

Moore, Hunter Joseph: Dr. Robert J. & Lois I. Finley Beals Memorial; Robin Cheryl Shaw Memorial; Hill Int’l. Truck LLC; Sharon Trotter Keys Memorial; East Liverpool City Hospital Medical Staff

Moore, Zachary Robert: Dr. & Mrs. E. Lee Rice; Leola Martin Memorial; Frank Mangano Foundation; William F. Boyd Memorial; Joseph Kelly & Mary Harris Vodrey Memorial

Lorah, Abigail Elizabeth: Ms. Krista Diddle Bodman; D.V. “Dike” & Irma Beede Memorial; John M. Roberts IV & Sarah Cawood Roberts Memorial; William A. & Virginia L. Harris Memorial; Robert B. & Betty N. Patterson Memorial

Ours, Madison Kathleen: Sarah Roberts; Krista Diddle Bodman; William E. & Winifred W. Pickin Memorial; Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Walker; Dr. & Mrs. Jay B. Votaw

Ream, Isaac William: John M. “Jack” Eccleston Memorial; Sarah Roberts; D. W. Dickey & Son, Inc.; Bucher Family Memorial; Mary Cawood South Memorial

Rogers, Kassandra Jean: Hot Dog Shoppe & Beanery; Robie Burnett Memorial; John M. “Jack” Eccleston Memorial; James & Ruth Anthony Staley Memorial; Edwin S. Morse Memorial

Tanner, Jakob Thomas: Deepuk Bir Batish Memorial; Jordan Wesley Potts; Hot Dog Shoppe & Beanery; Frank C. Lyons, Sr. Memorial; John Bever Memorial

Yergin, Tanner: Krista Diddle Bodman; Hoge’s Restaurant; J. Bennett Porter Memorial; Hot Dog Shoppe & Beanery; Dr. William J. Horger & Mary F. Horger Memorial

East Liverpool — $ 105,300

Abouamra, Mohamed Moustafa: Elizabeth T. & Joseph M. Wells, Jr. Memorial; Jackman Stroud & Jane Green Vodrey Honorarium; Robert Hilary Hays Memorial; John M. Roberts IV & Sarah Cawood Roberts Memorial; Dr. Joseph & Lea Gail Hoffrichter Memorial; Glenn Waight Memorial

Brown, Madison Anne: Ira V. Morris Memorial; Mr. & Mrs. Peter Visnic; Dr. Roland, Margaret E. & Catherine E. Stover Memorial; Dr. William L. Gilmore & Dr. Edith Gilmore Miller Memorial; Arthur T. & Elizabeth Thomas Memorial

Cooper, Ashley Michelle: Emily C. Gunning; Kristen G. Reagan Green; Herbert W. Lockhart, Sr. Memorial; Evelyn Stroud Vodrey Memorial; Lee Roy & Eliza Ann Adkins Memorial; Pauline G. & T. F. Smiley Memorial

Daugherty, Leon Russell: Harold T. & Doris J. Bricker Memorial; Ira V. Morris Memorial Scholarship; Delores V. “Dee” Billingsley Memorial; Lynn F. Carr Memorial; Barbara Ann Disch Memorial Scholarship

Davis, Mary Elizabeth: Megan Crighton; Benjamin Charlton; Vergie Thompson Memorial; Emily Bickerton Memorial; J. Michael Kapp Memorial; Herbert W. Lockhart, Sr. Memorial

Davis, Robert Edward: Sherwood D. & Jean Robinson Memorial; Glenn Grant Gray; Marjorie Mason Smith Memorial; Charles E. “Bill” Tice Memorial; Florence C. Penn Memorial

Glendenning, Eric Gerald: Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association; Dr. & Mrs. Philip W. Graff Memorial; Thomas T. Archer Memorial; John C. Thompson Memorial; Dr. William Z. Sulkes & Jo Anne Sulkes Jenison Memorial

Gulutz, Gina Alana: Ann Shansky; Matthew Salsberry Memorial; Dr. William G. Bartolovich Honorarium; Helen Ryan Volck Memorial; James & Elaine Boyd Honorarium; Don & Polly McGillivray Memorial

Hutchman, Megan Elizabeth: Emily Bickerton Memorial; David S. Porter Memorial; David N. Anthony Honorarium; Dr. Robert W. Beatty Memorial; Richard & Bonnie Martin Memorial; Robert W. & Betty J. Gray Memorial

Keyes, Sarah Elizabeth: Megan Crighton; Jackman Stroud & Jane Green Vodrey Honorarium; Carole Knowles Hager Memorial; William R. & Mary Jane Jennings Memorial; Thaddeus “Dick” Chamalian & Bernadine Cunningham Memorial

Kosek, Klayton Matthew: Dr. William Z. Sulkes & Jo Anne Sulkes Jenison Memorial; Robert E. Boyce Memorial; Fred & Ethel Vardy and Alfred & Florence Worthington Memorial; Lucile Mayberry Memorial; Ralph A. & Wilma D. Finley Memorial

Newlin, Hannah Renee: Kristen G. Reagan Green; George & Alice Schneidmiller Memorial; William Henry Vodrey, Jr. Memorial; Marker Family Memorial; Delmar T. & Becky Janet O’Hara Memorial

O’Hara, Liam Dalton: Robin Emmerling Smith; Barbara Vodrey Wamelink Memorial; Doloras C. Watson Hopper Memorial; Dr. William Z. Sulkes & Jo Anne Sulkes Jenison Memorial; Ret. Col. Philip Teusink & Catherine Teusink Memorial

O’Hara, Owen Robert: Richard J. “Dickie” McGrew Memorial; Kevin A. Sanford Memorial; Betty M. Brown Memorial; Richard B. Smith, Jr. Memorial; H. Arthur “Lucky” & Berdina Rice Memorial

Olson, Paige Nicole: Deepuk Bir Batish Memorial; Lindsey M. Salsberry Memorial; Marker Family Memorial/Jim & LeeAnn Pastore; Glenn Grant Gray; Ann Shansky

Roach, Gabriel Thomas: Benjamin Charlton; William H. & Anna Maxine Lewis Memorial; Joseph Prager Family & Nellie C. Helm Memorial; Thomas J. & Marie P. Graham Memorial; J. Bennett Porter Memorial; Lawrence G. Rice Memorial

Webber, Caitlyn Rose: Erika Wolf Ferraco; A. Richard Feldman Memorial; Thomas Alan Hildebrand Memorial; William C. Robbins Memorial; Pottertown Foundation

Midland — $14,000

Monteiro, Qhmaria Naomi-Catherine: Elks Lodge #258; Richard G. Tomec Memorial; Dr. Charles A. & Martha W. Gerace Memorial; George A. & Isabel S. Patterson Memorial; Richard J. “Dickie” McGrew Memorial; Doris Coutant Memorial

Seawright, Jenika Sydney: J. Burchfield & Elizabeth K. Cartwright Memorial; Richard J. “Dickie” McGrew Memorial; Jack & Anne Tomec Memorial; Sally Porter Memorial; Rita M. Anthony Memorial; Jonathan O. Parry Memorial

Oak Glen — $62,100

Emerick, Danielle Nicole: DKG International Upsilon Chapter; Richard L. & Mary S. Cawood Memorial; Marcus Aaron Memorial; Cinda Lee Gambill Memorial; Geraldine Bricker Memorial; David Schneidmiller Memorial

Flowers, Eileen Marie: Zachary Allen Arner Memorial; Matthew Salsberry Memorial; Evelyn Stroud Vodrey Memorial; William F. Boyd Memorial; Hans Dietz Memorial

Flowers, Noah William: Vincent L. Allison; Hancock County Savings Bank; Mildred Taylor Thompson Memorial; Donald R. Linger Memorial; Marcus Aaron Memorial

Halstead, Rachel Lynn: Bob Milby Post #6450, Chester; John C. Thompson Memorial; Eula Linger Memorial; Mr. & Mrs. T. Gerald Ryan Memorial; J. Norman & Gyla Stern Nicely Memorial

Mahan, Lauren Renae: Matthew Salsberry Memorial; Samuel Kusic Memorial; Babette Fineman Memorial; William F. Porter Memorial; Colonial Club of East Liverpool Honorarium

Mercer, Bethany JoAnn: Dr. Robert J. & Lois I. Finley Beals Memorial; DKG International Upsilon Chapter; Ira V. Morris Memorial; Pete N. Amato Memorial; Simmons-Williams Memorial; Herbert A. & Margaret L. Smith Memorial

Murphy, Annalise Nicole: Samantha Gracie Larrick; Bryan Rowland; Derek Steven Brenda; Minnie K. Grable Memorial; Freedonia Jones Stacey Memorial

Riggle, Kaitlyn MaeMarie: Joel Timmons; American Legion Auxiliary Unit Post #121, Chester; Babette Fineman Memorial; Derek Steven Brenda; Elizabeth T. & Joseph M. Wells, Jr. Memorial

Smith, Brennan Matthew: Brittnie Brooks Cave; Samantha Gracie Larrick; Bryan Rowland; John C. Thompson Memorial; Milan & Mickie Viakley Memorial

Travis, Ethan Patrick: Joel Timmons; Vincent L. Allison; Zachary Allen Arner Memorial; Sanford Plumbing & Supplies; American Legion Post #121, Chester


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