Marriage Licenses

Joseph W. Greenwood, 67, Columbiana, retired, and Carolyn J. Koebel, 68, Hubbard, retired.

Ted C. Nelson, 31, Bridgewater, N.J., landscaper, and Whitney M. Goist, 28, Williamstown, N.J., assistant sales manager.

John E. Thompson, 42, Lisbon, machinist, and Alicia K. Swanson, 40, Warren, LPN.

Eldon R. Ramsey, 66, Salem, millwright foreman, and Julie E. Clevinger, 49, Salem, homemaker.

David Bradley Mixter, 22, Hookstown, Pa., title insurance, and Amanda Marie Berresford, 28, East Palestine, title insurance.

Nicholas A. Volino, 26, East Liverpool, manager, and Daminica D. Bissell, 25, East Liverpool, cashier.

Gregery S. Morlan, 38, Lisbon, mechanic, and Deloris K. Martin, 47, Lisbon, office.

Jacob Taylor Smith, 28, East Liverpool, student, and Marisa Ann Frank, 24, East Liverpool, registered nurse.

David James Oswald, 36, East Palestine, route driver, and Raena Ann Jackman, 36, East Palestine, server.

Brian N. Spinks, 30, Lisbon, unemployed, and Crystal L. Scyoc, 30, Leetonia, stay at home mom.

Marriage Licenses

James Smith, 59, of East Liverpool, steel worker; and Mary L. Poole, 59, of East Liverpool, cafeteria manager.

Robert E. Fleming, 27, of Homeworth, parts manager; and Nikki L. Yhelka, 23, of Homeworth, unemployed.

Scott A. Rice, 57, of Lisbon, disabled; and Dianne M. Tunnat, 52, of Lisbon, machine operator.

Joseph Nicholas Dowling, 21, Wellsville, unemployed, and Andrea Lee Woodward, 18, Wellsville, unemployed.

Gregory M. Lowe, 32, East Liverpool, radiologic technologist, and Marie Lynnette Foster, 31, East Liverpool, teacher.

Cameron A. Carroll, 23, Hubbard, student, and Jennifer Lynn Williamson, 23, Columbiana, pharmacy student.

John J. Sewruk, 39, Salem, laborer, and Sarah E. Blair, 33, Salem, unemployed.

John J. Nave, 53, Hanoverton, LPN, and A. Timothy Leake, 61, Hanoverton, retired.

Jerry E. Riley II, 28, East Liverpool, pit manager, and Brittany M. Kittle, 28, East Liverpool, waitress.

Brian Eric Sayre, 28, East Liverpool, truck driver, and Angela S. Muschweck, 36, East Liverpool, cashier.

Thomas M. DeMarco, 29, Salem, welder, and Lauren A. O’Donnell, 34, Salem, case manager.

William David Martin, 20, Grayson, Ky., fast food management, and Cheyenna Rose Robison, 19, Lisbon, cashier.

Brigit Y. Young, 46, Salem, crew member, and Rebecca P. Watkins, 36, Salem, laborer.

Shane Linn Toot, 20, New Waterford, unemployed, and Chelsea Brooke Pugh, 19, New Waterford, unemployed.

Marriage Licenses

Brian K. Frank, 42, Salineville, truck driver, and Rachael Kim Willis, 44, Salineville, floral department.

Lonnie R. Fields, 44, Wellsville, Jefferson County ESC, and Wendy J. Manley, 47, Salineville, RN.

David K. Nolan, 53, Salem, machinist, and Kelley I. Wheeler, 45, Salem, teacher.

Williams A. McGuire, 26, Lisbon, general foreman, and Samantha J. Bates, 28, Lisbon, quality control.

Christopher C. Lutton, 49, Wellsville, truck driver, and Monika Jarchow, 49, East Liverpool, cook.

Jacob Michael Huston, 21, Negley, farmer, and Kennedy Leeann Rotellini, 19, East Liverpool, unemployed.

Victor M. Carrocce Jr., 34, Salem, tech supervisor, and Chelsea J. Stroka, 22, Salem, training manager.

Jared David Lindberg, 26, East Liverpool, sales, and Danielle Kristine Boyer, 29, East Liverpool, resident physician.

Timothy S. Lease, 35, Salem, supervisor, and Jessica L. Woodall, 31, Hanoverton, homemaker.

Rancy M. Martinez, 26, East Liverpool, water transfer technician, and Angel F. Marshall, 26, East Liverpool, unemployed.

Zachary T. Garrett, 24, New Waterford, welder, and Brittany N. Speirs, 23, Kensington, housekeeping.

Tadley D. Burt, 39, Columbiana, driver, and Jennifer L. Steele, 33, Columbiana, clerk.

Kevin E. Nelder, 44, Lisbon, self employed construction, and Kristin M. Clark, 30, Lisbon, unemployed.

Scott H. Hickman, 27, Salineville, supervisor, and Suzanne E. Hormell, 25, Salineville, shift lead/keyholder.

William T. Beagle, 24, Salem, auto worker, and Lynsi I. Drotleff, 27, Salem, prevention specialist.

Jordan W. Rhodes, 24, Columbiana, mechanic, and Chelsea Ann Stewart, 23, Columbiana, nurse.

Marriage Licenses

Frank R. Plum, 25, Wellsville, account manager, and Alura Leigh Radcliff, 22, Wellsville, valet.

Raymond B. Atkinson, 63, Salem, retired, and Patricia A. Nash, 67, Salem, controller,

Aaron P. Martin, 42, East Liverpool, ramp agent, and Lisa M. Brocious, 42, Hubbard, HR assistant.

Bryan Tyler Brinker, 23, Hammondsville, electrician, and Emily Ann Smith, 25, Lisbon, teacher.

Lenny L. Kiehl, 56, East Palestine, welder, and Candy L. Haught, 53, East Palestine, homemaker.

James M. Reed, 28, East Liverpool, self employed, and Jada J. Butler, 23, East Liverpool, sergeant.

Christopher C. Campbell, 30, Rogers, supervisor, and Jennifer Marie Reed, 23, Rogers, food service.

Richard Michael Southall, 23, New Waterford, construction, and Katelyn Nicole Guildoo, 21, New Waterford, homemaker.

Devin Alonzo Rogers, 20, East Liverpool, cashier, and Malory Kay Butcher, 20, East Liverpool, food runner.

Patrick Alan Buckley, 25, New Waterford, finance manager, and Megan Elizabeth Wagner, 23, New Waterford, sourcing administrator.

Gregory A. Bibri, 29, Cranberry Township, Pa., truck driver, and Katie E. Miller, 29, East Rochester, teacher.

Michael T. Stratton, 23, Salem, fire technician, and Trixie L. Taucher, 22, Salem, server.

Shelton A. Dailey, 20, Wellsville, factory worker, and Tifany Jean Crow, 22, Wellsville, clerk.

Marriage Licenses

Ted L. Bates, 58, Salem, fabricator, and Betsy J. Bell, 57, Salem, receiving clerk.

James Richard Malone, 27, Wellsville, teacher, and Kelly Rae Leek, 34, Wellsville, teacher.

Anthony Joseph Fry, 23, Charlotte, N.C., financial analyst, and Brittany Rose Hause, 23, Charlotte, N.C., student.

Jeffrey Earl Cope Jr., 35, Wellsville, tree trimmer, and Jennifer Ashley Brown, 29, Wellsville, auditor.

Stephen D. Kadar, 25, Wellsville, mechanic, and Allison N. Chase, 19, Wellsville, bank teller.

Matthew L. Herron, 23, Salem, adjuster, and Madison Jo Baskerville, 18, Salem, stay at home mom.

Spencer Duvall Hulett, 28, Lisbon, correctional officer, and Tiffany M. Taylor, 30, Lisbon, Nuc Med Tech.

John W. Rohrer, 66, Leetonia, retired, and Linda Hayes, 58, Leetonia, detailer.

William T. Jackson, 44, Lisbon, ATM rigger, and Wade A. Richards, 42, Lisbon, ATM rigger.

Ryan James Rhoades, 25, Kensington, U.S. Marine, and Veronica Marie Bates, 28, Kensington, para educator.

Robert Marshall Workman, 47, Lisbon, truck driver, and Holly Ann Wells, 31, Lisbon, assistant manager.

Mark E. Foden, 45, of East Liverpool, laborer technician; and April L. Busic, 44, of Mingo Junction, groomer.

Stephen L. Lucas, 26, of East Liverpool, supervisor; and Jerrica L. Talbott, 23, of East Liverpool, supervisor.

Kenneth E. Gordon III, 21, of East Liverpool, cashier; and Sara E. Snyder, 20, of East Liverpool, dough girl.

Bryan S. Barber, 37, of East Liverpool, oil field operator; and Kristina M. Judson, 32, of East Liverpool, health care.

Jason R. Horner, 39, of East Liverpool, service technician; and Brandy R. Mowry, 37, of East Liverpool, manager.

Andrew C. Wade, 31, of Raleigh, N.C., self employed; and Lacey R. Arnold, 23, of Raleigh, N.C., student.

Wynton L. Rayford, 28, of East Liverpool, IT; and Stephanie R. Thrasher, 29, of East Liverpool, administrator.

Jonathan W. Salmen, 27, of Columbiana, pastor; and Sara N. Saverko, 20, of Columbiana, student.

Michael A. Sacks, 24, of East Liverpool, U.S. Marine Corps; and Courtney D. Diddle, 26, of East Liverpool, nanny.

Jamie L. Fredette, 32, of Lisbon, laborer; and Leah M. Jackson, 24, of Lisbon, home health care.