Slow down, pay attention, be safe

Recently, four Amish residents of Belmont County were hurt when their buggy was struck from behind by a car on a county road near Barnesville. All four were injured badly enough to require hospital treatment.

Then, on Monday night, four Amish people were injured when a car hit their van near Fredericktown, in Northeast Ohio. One woman was injured critically.

Accidents involving the Amish, who often travel in horse-drawn buggies on roads also used by cars and trucks traveling much faster, are a regular occurrence. Often they are a result of motorists simply not paying enough attention.

That same type of reckless driving puts children in school zones and on buses at risk, of course.

Ours seems to be an increasingly fast-paced world. But if we do not have time to slow down — just a bit — and pay more attention in driving situations where children or Amish buggies may be present, something is badly wrong with us.

Please, pay attention. Don’t send someone to the hospital — or worse.

Remember, school started Wednesday for students in Hancock County, while Beaver Local and Wellsville start Monday, and East Liverpool begins Wednesday.